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 A little Peom About Life



A place of death

A place of life

A final breath

A cease of time

The Earth quaked and the winds blew fire

The sun hid and the moon sought cover

The Creator wounded by His creation

“Father, forgive them.”


Gold and frankincense flushed by sin’s tides

Lots cast for a tapestry put asunder

Man’s ignorance drank foolishness like a glutton

“For they know not what they do.”

Silence grew louder, valleys climbed higher

Hope fled and Fear raised its feathers

The deaf listened for a whisper, when all seemed forlorn.

“Verily, I say unto you”

The blind sought for light as the day grew darker

The condemned pled for mercy from the forsaken Lover

Heaven’s Lamb lent a hand to salvage Satan’s pawn

“Today, thou shalt be with me in paradise.”

Demons laughed with lifted hands worshipping their master

Gleeful chants filled with hate for the Love of the Potter

A love greater than a mother’s to her dying new-born

“Woman, behold thy son.”

Hearty cheers with raised glasses brimming with vinegar,

He was fed a meal of nails and shame in portions not meagre

Yet Love found the pierced soul of His home for hundreds of dawns

“Behold thy mother.”

Heaven’s angels watched as sin’s virus surged in anger

Purity was corrupted with Adam’s blanket of cancer

The Father turned His back as iniquity took His Son

“Eloi, Eloi.”

The Son’s wail and the Father’s tears lamented a ballad

“Victory!” Hell rejoiced and Hades joined in the dance

The enemy’s boasts wrought anguish filled mourns.

“Why have You forsaken me?”

Parched lips of the King yearned for the waters of the Spirit

“I thirst”

The Spirit answered from across the chasm

“It is finished.”

The tables began turning in a change of rhyme and rhythm

The Sun fought anew from beneath darkness’ covering


A relationship destroyed at Eden by rebellion

Being restored by the offering of offerings on the cross

“Into Thy hands”

A handover of ownership from self to the King

An exchange of filth for a life-giving Spirit

“I commit my Spirit”

A common name became the name above all names

Blood and water outpoured in a swift exchange

Rugged wood and metal intertwined in an emblem

Addition’s symbol added God back to all men

Shattered veils and covenants broken by one higher

The greatest burnt offering that left no ember

A key released to chain Hell and Hades

Sheol was forced to free its dead to the King

The calendar split

By a crown that pierces skin

An empty tomb

A stone that rolled away doom

The Spirit hugged the soul in a long-awaited embrace

The Holy of Holies now one with the Holy Place

A place of reconciliation

A bridge to mankind’s salvation

A tale of hope to all nations



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