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We Say GoodBye To Vibe, Cisco Ramon And Camila


We Say Good Bye To Vibe, Cisco Ramon

He is not dead, he is just leaving the Flash TV Series

This is sad for me cause Cisco is the heart of relieve, Jokes and Fun in “Team Flash” but he is going to leave the flash.

In the past year we have been hearing rumours about this and like you, I chose not to accept it and wait for the real news so you should know the feeling I had when I saw Cisco in The Flash Season 7 and latest episodes confirming that there will be another season of The Flash without Cisco.

When Cisco, Carlos Valdes first appeared in The Flash till now it has been epic. In the final season of Carlos’s appearance in The Flash (Note: there is no confirmation whatsoever that that is the last time we see Valdes) the memory as an OG of Team Flash from when Barry woke up to the moment he stood, time he died saving Ray from a bee sting to the times he became a full born hero, Vibe who we all love the power and also hate Cisco for getting rid of it but regardless I miss him already.

Cisco may not be the only one leaving Team Flash as Cisco’s girlfriend Camilla for Team Citizen is also leaving with as she initiated the idea in first place. Almost as if they are real live couples who really want to go on their honey moon. Lol.

He did not leave Team Flash without a worthy Engineer, Chester Peeeeee, Chester P Runk will take over from where Cisco Ramon Stopped.

Why Did Cisco Ramon Leave Team Flash?

Cisco’s leaving the flash started when Camilla told Cisco she wants to leave Central City to go expand her dreams and then Harrison Wells (The Original) tells Cisco to stay where his heart lies and follow it as it is a man’s true happiness.

The concluding decision to leave Team Flash was after Bashir showed him a future where he was old and still working there watching over heroes after heroes whereas he remained your humble Cisco Ramon and that scared the shit out of him.

Why Did Carlos Valdes Leave The Flash?

Now this is Funny, are we not talking about the same person?

Well No, here is the thing.



If you miss Cisco say Goodbye to him in the Comment section below and What is Up with Cicil?



I wrote this a long time ago I didn’t publish I was too sad. I hope you still enjoy it. Feel free to ask me any question anytime anypage, I will answer… eventually.

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