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Website Hosting

What Is Website Hosting?

Website hosting or web hosting is putting your halfway or fully designed website to an online server where the website that you designed or are designing can be accessed from any client any where in the world but of course you could have your website hosted locally like within a town or an office or in a Local Area Network (LAN), depending on what the site can do.

The above is just a surface meaning of website hosting, let me explain more. But first;

What is a Website?

A common definition of a website is a set of related webpages under a single domain. It is the set or collection of related webpage when you visit a website like “”, the collection of all the pages there is called a website.

What is Hosting

Hosting is a term given to a collection of computers linked together in a network and connected online to be accessed virtually world wide.

How Can You Find A Good Web Hosting Company?

Finding a hosting company is easy, its easy as going to search on google the best hosting companies world wide. Though the trouble comes when you cannot afford the best what can you do then?

How To Find Cheap Web Hosting Company;

To find a cheap hosting company there is something more you need to know about hosting and that is the fact that there are kinds of hosting services like shared hosting, WordPress hosting, etc which I will talk about later. To get a cheap hosting you need to be looking for the best shared hosting companies.

Things to look out for from a shared hosting:

  • Their Uptime: You need to know the hosting company’s uptime if its above the know average at least that is about 95% uptime.
  • Their customer care or support: Some Hosting company does not provide support for their customer in their time of need and that is very bad because every now and then you will need their help especially for shared hosting accounts.
  • The bandwidth offered: This is the amount of data allowed to be shared between your website (the server) and your website visitors (the clients) mostly measured in gigabytes.
  • The Amount of storage space Disk allocated (SSD): This is the amount data allowed in your hosting account in gigabytes.

Website Hosting Break Down:

To host a website that will be accessible worldwide on the world wide web or online these are the key things you will need.

  1. A domain name:

    A domain is a name given to an entity or ip-adress with an extension such as (the name “confirmbiz” and the extension “.com” is the domain name. The domain name points to your hosting plan where your website is and with the help of a Domain Name Server (DNS) the domain name is translated to its IP addresses so browsers can load your internet resources like your website.

  2. A Hosting Account:

    Like I started earlier, this is where your websites resides. Not just your website is here, your email and other resources like software are here.

  3. The Website:

    Your Designed Website, your customised website on or platform like WordPress to put on your host.

  4. Money:

    Don’t be so surprised I mean all this cannot be for free but you know that already but what you might not know is how to use your money wisely. For instance you could get a hosting for unlimited bandwidth with 1 terabyte SSD and your site uses only a total of 10 gigabyte bandwidth and 3 gigabyte SSD, isn’t that a waste of money?

  5. Internet:

    You will need an internet connection and a strong one to avoid interruption. You could ask someone with good internet to do this for you.

Some Hosting Service You can Trust:

Cheap and reliable Hosting services;

    1. ConfirmHost:

      Is the name funny yes but not their service, they are trusted by thousands of businesses online and that have all types of hosting that are reliable and cheap. Click here to view more   Order Now

Kinds Of Web Hosting

Website Management or Web Management

What is Web management?

As the name implies, it is the Management or maitainance of all the components that makes up a website like the hosting, domain or site status.

List Of things to manage in a website:

  • Hosting Service; Renewal, updates and back ups
  • domain (the cpanel)
  • Your website interface

Kinds Of Web Hosting Services

There are a few different kinds or types of web hosting services world wide. To not confuse you further the different kinds are based on price, size, resources, et cetera.

Below are their classifications;
  1. Shared Hosting

    This kind of hosting is commonly used since one cannot especially on a start purchase cpanel all by him/herself and that’s when this kind of hosting service comes in. People in this hosting shares a cpanel and some other resources like ssl that are costly and necessary.

  2. Cloud Hosting

    In cloud hosting its not that different from shared hosting since you still share a cpanel but you get multiple servers and much more larger space to speed up your website ten times and am not exaggerating.

  3. Virtual Hosting

    This is the costliest because it is from a virtual hosting you get a shared hosting.

  4. Email Hosting:

    Email hosting sometimes comes as a gift card from hosting companies when you purchase a hosting plan from their hosting service. In Email hosting business owners, website owners and so on get custom professional mailing account. Do you want one?

  5. WordPress Hosting:

    Since WordPress is more like a platform and not just a website it needs a special kind of hosting service to house all the platform on your server. A normal shared hosting can serve a WordPress site but will have a issues from low site speed to uptime issues which is very bad for you.

  6. G-Suite Hosting:

    G-Suite hosting is like a cloud hosting that is hosted on google servers and you can be equipped with other resources like professional email, site builder, et cetera.

    And that is all you need to know about website or web hosting.

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