Protection Status

Little Red Scar pt 1


Jack  was a teen who lived with his parents in their old suburban house.His father was an honest man who earned little but worked hard .His mother was  a worker in a fabric mill.The family was famous throughout the whole neighbourhood.One day in the school jack was working on some random programme he started to hack the system

Next day he woke up in the morning he looked to his clock and went to washroom he felt weakness and saw a little red scar near his neck he took it like a little scratch and went on .he was already late so he went to school.Everything felt normal he was cheerful suddenly he felt a shock and lost his control.His body movement increased his could felt that his heart was running fast .he started to sweat and felt like vomiting .He felt  that his perception was increasing .he felt tired and dosy .He felt unconscious and was taken to restroom .when he opened his eyes he was still working on that computer he felt that he was dreaming but actually didn’t knew he has unlocked a mysterious powerfull energy which was finding a host to save itself from a secret government organisation who wanted to find the energy source to meet energy needs of earth


  • To be continued

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