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The Love Of My Life


The Love Of My Life:

I used To Adore Her with all my heart and anything I did she was the first to know.

I pointed my life towards her making everything I do for her and everything I did and am doing is for her until shit happened.

Shit Happens:

I became so busy to the extent that I could have time for her as I was working towards our future and also cause I want to take her around the world. She got angry day by day, I could feel her anger I didn’t know what to tell her to make her calm down or listen to me at least to believe me that am working for the both of us that I promise once am successful its just she and I. But she said NO, a two letter word that broke my heart and made not to ever fall in love again cause she is my first.

I didn’t know what to do next, we were on a long distant relationship, she was not anywhere near me since I moved away from her hometown. All I could think of is doing everything in my power for her to know that I love her no matter what. But she said NO again and again.

DidDid I give up?

Yes and No, I gave up in the sense that I decided to complete my hustle and go get her But No because day by day I think of her and every lovers that pass by me reminds me of her.

I am heartbroken ever since, I only hope and wish that I complete my hustle soon cause she needs my attention before another man goes for her then I could get heartbroken for ever????

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