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Top 10 Inventions That Changed The World (TopTruths)


Top 10 Technology (Tech) Inventions that Changed the World When we can see the historical changes they cause. In 2016 we might not appreciate the work of Nikola Tesla or Thomas Edison on a daily basis, as we are accustomed to electricity in all its forms, but we are very impressed by the societal changes caused by the Internet and the World Wide Web (both of which run on alternating-current electricity, by the way). A century from now they might be curious as to what all the fuss was about

1. Android (2008)

2. DJI Phantom 4 Drone (2016)

3. Google Drive & Other Cloud Systems (2012)

4. Facebook (2004)

5. YouTube (2005)

6. Apple: Iphone (2007)

7. Prius Google Self-Driving Car (2008)

8. Skype & Skype Translate (2003)

9. Tesla Model X (2016)

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