Solar Energy And How To Harnest It

Solar Energy And How To Harnest It


Solar Energy

First, What is Energy?
Energy is the ability to do work, to exert force (a pull or a push) against an object that is moving along a definite path of certain length.

Sources Of Energy
There are two main sources of energy which are the:

> Non-renewable sources of energy And

The renewable sources of energy.

>> Non-renewable sources of energy:

These are the sources of energy that are available to us in limited quantities, or those that are renewed so slowly that the rate at which they are consumed is too fast. This means that their stocks are getting depleted before they can replenish naturally.

>> Renewable sources of energy:

These are the sources of that are replenished naturally in the course of time, that is the use of these resources corresponds with the principles of sustainability, because the rate at which we are consuming them does not affect their availability in the long term.

Examples Of The Sources of Energy
Non-Renewable Sources Of Energy:

Phosphate rock.
Rare earth elements.

Renewable Sources Of Energy:
Solar energy.
Wind energy.
Geothermal energy.
Cultivated Plants.
Animals.I am going to focus on Solar energy and I belive that by now you must have know about the solar energy but let me tell you more.

Solar Energy
Solar energy is a renewable source of energy usually refered to a sunlight that can be converted to electricity by a metal whose electrons when hit by light rays gets exited and these are called photovoltaic (PV) effect, with this method the solar energy could also be using as a heating tool for instance for cooking and heating water. In other words we could produce electricity, heat water and cook a meal from the sunlight that shines on us everyday, one would say that the sunlight has been wasting for decades.

Solar Energy As Source Of Electricity
solar panel instalation
solar panel instalation
Today, solar energy has not been refered to as waste due the invention of the Solar Panel which seen everywhere on earth. The solar panel’s working is quite simple and it does not pollut the environment like other power sources such as genrators, nuclear plants, et cetera.

Solar panels are made up with compatments of solar cells which when exposed to light specifically sunlight they generate electricity through the photovoltaic effect or photoelectric effect which we enjoy in our homes, offices and appartments. So these days while walking under the hot sun we don’t tell the clouds to cover it but for them to allow the sun rays through for us to enjoy later.

For me, the sweetest thing about solar electricity is that once proparly set up you don’t have to make any additional fees but just to enjoy it, I mean take a look at the picture above and tell me wether or not the house and the people in it will be looking for their utility bill. No they will enjoy the light trust me its free after set up.

Like any other thing solar panels have their different types, kinds and classifications

Types Of Solar Panel

Monocrystalline solar panel (Mono SI) (Click for more info) — 20% Efficiency and expensive.
Polycrystalline sollar panel (Poly SI) (Click for more info) — 15% Efficiency and less expensive.
Thin Film: Amophous silicon solar cell (A SI) (Click for more info). — 7%-10% Efficiency and much less expensive.
Biohybrid solar cell (Click for more info). — Near 100% Efficiency and costly
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