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What To Do When Bored


What you can do when bored

You know I too get bored at times, lets say I should give you a number on how many times I got bored. I would say a ton but then I would tell you that when I get bored and be all moppy I do some interesting, smart and sometimes crazy shit like singing and dancing to my favourite songs, eating junk meal while watching movies all day or even going out with some girls or friends but most times its sleep that gets me through the day (well not anymore cause age and growth comes with responsibilities) and like Uncle Ben said in spiderman “with great power comes great responsibilities”.

Most Websites, individuals or counselors would tell you;

To get less bored do things like:

  • Giving yourself a manicure, pedicure or make up
  • Trying out new things like new hairstyles, new dress code, et cetera
  • Or Taking a bubble bath
  • Trying new facemask, beauty product, hair product, colons, deodrants
  • Doing yoga
  • Drawing anything or finding the artist in you maybe
  • Writing a poem or jounal
  • Or taking a nap (Okay this one really has to be off the table if you are not busy)

But the above list is only a tip of the iceberg of what these people would tell you to do just to get less bored . Honestly some of the items on the list are pretty good Ideas but most of them or the rest are just time wasters.

Here is the thing about being bored you probably haven’t heard about. Boredome comes when your brain finally let’s you know that this things you are doing right now is the same things you have done like hundred times now and even if you try new things you still notice that it might be a different things but its still the same way you do it.

So that’s why I say trying new things would only make things worse and eventually you get bored again.

There some things you must do when you are bored before doing or considering anything else;

First Three things to do when bored:

  1. Finding out if you are actually bored, tired or in pain(sad) because feelings can be triky for instance, loosing my first phone made me so sad that the new phone seemed useless. I thought its just boredome until I started rearranging my new phone like my old phone and I got a lot less sad. So you really need to know the difference and if its sadness dial your love( the one thing you do that keep you going anytime) mine is video games and junk food then sleep.
  2. Find a meaningful something doing but don’t get me wrong its really advisable to do something crazy every once in a while
  3. If your are still bored, look for some crazy things to do and by crazy I mean something that is unusual to you for instance if you are a lazy guy try and dig a hole for a pole…Thank me later.


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