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Samsung Galaxy S20 Plus


Samsung Galaxy S20+ LTE Specs

The samsung galaxy s20 is a revolutionary device built for photographers and photogenic individuals which means that the main focus on this build is not space but Camera, its resolution and zooming experience. What more can a person ask for that is

Samsung Galaxy S20 Plus Specs Summary

  • Storage Capacity – – ⇒ 128GB/512GB

  • Camera – – ⇒ Front-10MP/Rear-88MP

  • Screen & Resolution – – ⇒ 120HZ display/Dynamic Amoled 2X./O display

  • Android Version (Linux-Based on Android) – – ⇒ One UI 2

  • Network – – ⇒ 4G/WiFi 6

  • Colours – – ⇒ Cosmic grey, Cosmic blue and Cosmic Black

  • Platform – – ⇒ 7nm Processor/AP + RAM (LPDDR5)

Indept Specs

  • Product Name – – ⇒ Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra

  • PlatForm – – ⇒

→ 7nm Processor


→ Download speeds up to 2.0Gps on LTE

→ Secure WiFi 6 Connections

→Quad HD+ 511ppi

  • Battery – – ⇒

5000mAh which the phone system also have a mechanism to optimise operations in your phone to save battery and last longer with just one charge.

  • Production And Marketting Dates – – ⇒ February 11, 2020

  • Memory – – ⇒

→ RAM – 8GB/12GB

Internal Memory -128GB/512GB

→ Epandable Storage Memory up to 1TB

  • Network – – ⇒

→ 5G enabled

→ WiFi 6

→ Hybrid Sim Slot; You can use your SD Card slot space to put a sim card providing more sim cards in your phone


  • Screen and Resolution – – ⇒

→ 120HZ, 6.9 inch (511ppi) display.

→ Dynamic Amoled 2X.

→ Eye care display – By reducing the blue light the screen light at the same time not affecting the colour.

→ O display; This offers limited onscreen interuption like notifications and other

→ The screen resolution is cinema quality, [sidetalk:men I wish I could show you this.].

  • Camera & Photo/Video Resolution – – ⇒

♦ Front/Selfie Camera – → 40MP

Rear CameraSamsung S20 Ultra Camera Specs confirmbiz

→ 1. Ulra Wide Camera(1) – 12MP

→ 2. Wide angle Camera(2) – 12MP

→ 3. Telephoto Camera(3) – 64MP

→ 4. Flash

→ 5. Dept Vision Camera

→ 6. Space Zoom 3X up to 30X

→ 7. Super steady option (no blurry picture/video while walking or running)

→ 8. Super resoution Zoom enhanced by camera AI

Other Features

  1. Photo/Video Edition: Right in your default camera there is an option to cut, insert, merge, delete scenes, dupicate, speed up and more in your Samsung Galaxy s20 Ultra

  2. Night Hyper Lapse: Video more at night with an advanced low light technology with long exposure-style.

  3. Pro Mode: Just like DSLR you can adjust manually settings like ISO, shutter speed and exposure level.

4. HDR10+ Recording: Colour & Contrast stays accurate in each scene with HDR10+ and Dynamic Tone Mapping. And you could swith camera seamlessly without interuption recording. Record in 8k and 4k options.

  1. AR Doodle: 3D creations, track your face and the space around you for eye catching videos.

  2. 3D Scanner: This is the spec that interest me, imagine watching a picture and you could rotate it to see the back, front, depth and that means you can turn real life objects into 3D animations just by using the 3D scanner to scan the object[sidetalk: I would use it so record my girlfriend so I won’t have to videocall her just to see what she got].

  3. Quick Mearsure: This is simply a mearsuring tool in your camera.

  • Finger Print – – ⇒ Ultra Sonic Fingerprint built into the screen.

  • USB Type – – ⇒ Type-C and USB PD adaptable.

  • Charging & Fast Charge Function – – ⇒

→ Super Fast Charging: Hours of charge in minuites.

→ Fast wireless charging v2.o (You can literalily set down your phone for a supercharge power up in a flash with the aid of a wireless charger.

→ Wireless powershare can be used to charge another phone like your friend’s phone, your buds or watch like smart watch with wireless powershare.

→ Superfast charging with 25W and USB PD 3.0 up to 45W certified to meet USB standards the highest standards in the industry with the TID 2683, TID 2684

  • What’s In The Box Of S20 Ultra – – ⇒

  1. Earpiece.
  2. Extra earbuds for earpiece-size change/adjustment.
  3. Sim Ejector.
  4. Super Fast Charger and Cord/usb wire
  • Price And Availability – – ⇒

→ 512GB Option



Rs. 99843.91

→ 128GB Option


$ 1,199.99

Rs. 88750.06

The samsung galaxy s20 ultra is available world wide on order, to get coupons and pre-orders click here.



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