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Iris Baby Gal You got that Speed Force In You.


Yeah!!! Hoo!!

I have Always Known Iris Other than to keep Barry Intact Had a very very Vital role to play for us and all she need to do is be a gateway that solves a huge problem for The Flash.

Warning: This Post Contains Spoilers.

In Season 1 of the Flash, I got to know that Iris is Barry’s Heart that she is the one keeping Barry Alive and making him intact like that one person in your life that makes you feel completed.

It must not be your lover, it could be your parent or your best friend. To Barry this is Iris, his Crush, his Love, his Childhood Friend, his Companion, his soulmate, his dream. Call her anything you want but without Iris there will be no Barry or the Flash, we had that view with the future Flash when SAVITAR has killed Iris.

In the past seasons of the flash, Iris had always shown to have a distinct connection with the Flash’s Speed, at first I thought it her connection with Barry since they have practically lived their lives together from Classroom to home and even before that Barry lived next door to Iris and was crushing on her.

Yes that spark means Barry and Iris have a connection that even the speed force recognizes to be an energy.

Love like a bolt.

In the latest season of the flash, the third episode Barry had realised that the speedforce was not dead completely after the original earth 1 Wells told bary to “Run towards Love”.

All he had to was link them. Yes it’s a little confusing so look at it this way. The speed force had shutdown and become a domant energy element as it was and to reactivate it you will need a good enough amount of energy like the particle accelerator explosion or an existing speed force boosted or amplified by an existing similar energy like the one in Iris and to connect them team flash had to use the tools of the asf made to not rely on energy but to expel the energy exponentially just like when Nash Wells died as the energy was stored to power the asf this Iris energy was not stored.

He ran towards Love and at first he understood it as waking Iris up but little did he know that Love was the key and Iris was the Gateway.

How did Iris store that much energy.

Technically she became a Speepster for 24hours and dark matter don’t just leave your body, they bond with the cells of you body which means that an even amount of SpeedForce energy left in iris is almost equal if not greater than the one left in Barry when the speed force initially died and if you really it took months before Barry’s speed force depreciated completely.

I want to tell you that its not love that brought the speedforce back to life but I can’t cause also technically it is, Eobard Thawn used the same principle to create the negative SpeedForce. Have question? I will answer them🤓. You should also know that for flash to run, Love must exist. Unlike the original SpeedForce.

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