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How to manage mobile data


What eats up your mobile data anytime you put it on?

Let me answer that giving a simple illustration as well;


This pictures represents what all the applications in your phone does when you turn mobile data on


Understanding Mobile Data Usage:


Truth be told your mobile phone for good and lasting functionality for all phone types needs internet at least once in a month, the reason is mainly because the phone company your mobile phone collects little information on how your phone runs and if it has problem. This helps them know if they can help you even before you asked them unless it’s a critical issues and they also use this information they collect to prevent whatever problem it was you encountered in your phone.


Now, read carefully to understand how this works. Lets assume you have whatsapp, youtube, facebook, twitter and firefox browser apps installed and of course lets not forget the system apps such as playstore, android os, luncher, etc.Now, when you turn on your mobile data, the first things that access your data to connect to the internet are your system apps starting with the android os, your luncher then playstore quickly access your mobile data and connect to the internet to do their stuff after these system apps or default apps, your social media apps checks for any new notification, your browser connects to the internet waiting for you.


The demonstration is simple, if you know what “RUSH HOUR” means then you will understand this quickly and easy. Now let’s assume that your mobile data is a mother who finished cooking food for 20 of her children and she came to the sitting room and announces food is ready go and take your food, let me give you a muinite to visiualise what am saying in your head and imagine 20 of your brothers as 20 of your apps.

Illustration Continued;

By now you know that the senior brothers will enter the kithen before their junior brothers to rush the food ie system apps. After them the junior brothers then come in and the real rush hour starts (downloaded apps such as browsers, games, social media applications come all at once accessing your mobile data to connect to the internet. This is also why google chrome loads faster than any other browser installed in your mobile phone as it is a default app.


There is no different reason for your phone eating up your data other than minor issuesand they are just few and I will explain them except you put your mobile data on while downloading a movie or something.

What Eats Up My Mobile Data?

Below are the things that eat up your mobile data.

  1. Automatic update

  2. Background data

  3. Accidental Mediums

These are the three main things that eat you mobile data now let me explain

   1. Automatic update :

Apps like Google Playstore, when their automatic update is on it eats up your data before you even enjoy it “why?”. Well, app developers release updates for their applications on a daily basis of which some of them have the file size of 30mb, 50mb, or 62mb, et cetera. Anytime you put on your mobile data playstore automatically downloads the updates of every one of these applications.

Same thing with the android os and some system apps you can’t of course turn off auto update in system apps but you can turn automatic update off in play store. Some other application like chrome, firefox and some other apps like games don’t need play store’s automatic update to be on to update themselves because they have their own settings within the application which can be turned off manually.

   2. Background data:

You should take note of the apps that use your mobile data the most that you are not aware of in the data usage settings from the system setting and you don’t want it to keep eating your data when you are not aware or using it. Now let me explain this, just because you have exited the application you were using means that it’s not using you mobile data anymore.

It is still using it but you can turn the background access as well in the data usage setting in the system setting, when you find the app eating your data from the background click it and find background data and restrict its access to background data, easy peazy.

   3. Accidental mediums:

This issues occurs when you mistakenly started a download or mistakenly clicked an ‘ad’ and started a download which doesn’t show the download progress box until when complete or accidentally set plasystore or any other application to automatically update apps and itself or you don’t want to be seing ads in the background while browsing. Well the solution am about to give you is only advisable if you don’t want any app at all to use your data unless you autorise it.

How to solve Issue No.3

To do this you have to go to data usage setting again but this time you won’t click any app but in the data usage pane click the more setting option or a three dot at the top right hand conner of the screen in the data usage setting window and select restrict background data access. This option is hidden in some phones like the latest phone infinix hot 6x has its own option hidden as data saver option.

Let me know if this helped with your data issues in the comment box below or ask any question in the comment box below and please subscribe to get more posts like this from our site, thank you.


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