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Danger Force & Henry Danger Download


Danger Force banner and fti confirmbizDanger Force Is a sequel from Henry Danger the life Comedy TV Show on Nickelodeon. Henry Hart got an offer to become a superhero in a town called “Neighbourville”


After Defeating Drax indistructible as captain man he faked his death. He later fled to “Neighbourville” with his friends Jasper and sharlotte to take the job offer to become a super hero there. So basically Henry Danger is for Henry Hart in “Neighbourbille” and Danger Force is for Captain man with a bunch of kids with powere. I will be fun to watch trust me, here you will be able to download Henry Danger and Danger Force. Ha Ha I like the name already, Danger Force.

Note: Arrangement is from latest season down to the oldest season here in confirmbiz

Danger Force Season 1 Mp4 Download:


With Sharlotte Page and Jasper Donlope Henry Hart now fights crime and protect the city of Neighbour ville leaving ray with kids with power. The Kids are; Boez; the mayors step son, Chopa; the phoneless child in America, Micka; the smart one and Miles; the wise one and together they are the Danger Force.

cick here to download danger force season 1

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Henry Danger Season 5 Mp4 Download

To catch You up with the happenings in the man cave you have to watch this season cause you gotta. Kid Danger becomes more experienced with his skill in being a hero but is loosing out on his life which made a lot of impact in season 5.


The ending Of kid dager in swellview as Henry Danger has chosen how he wants his story to be told in his young age. He is a hero that inspired even captain man to be better themselves and be more heroic. And Yes, this may just be the end of Kid Danger

Downoad Below Henry Danger Season 5

cick here to download henry danger season 5

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