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Could Barry Really Create An Artificial Speed Force?


Could They Create Speed Force?

Is that Even Possible?

Short answer; Yes.

Long Answer; well its hard to tell since the speed force is like gravity theoritically Barry and his team could possibly create an artificial speed force but it might be limited to some certain functions based on usage. For instance we all know artificial gravity is possible in space with the aid of a device right?

Team Flash could theoritically create an artificial Speed Force by creating a device that could tap into or replicate what the speed force does. Now the basic difference between the original Speed Force and an artificial one is the fact that it can be accessed from anywhere, anyhow and any state of mind a speedster is.

And Since the speed force could be classified as a force which could have a residual amount of energy as other forces like gravity then it will follow the law of conversion of energy which bring the question;


Is the SpeedForce actually dead?

This law, the conservation of energy States that energy can neither be created nor be destroyed but can be transformed into another form. Hmm, So the speed force is not destroyed it just transformed into spectre energy and which can only be used by a spectre like the green arrow.

But if all of Speed Force is now spectre energy can it be retrieved or is there a posibility that not all of Speed Force died?

Can the SpeedForce Energy be revived or retrieved?

With team Flash’s condition I would say a big no and this is because the only way to extract the original speed force back is to get the spectre energy out of it or rather get it out of spectre energy and since the energy has been spread accross the speed force, you will need a spectre to remove a spectre energy to restore the original speed force. But the original Speed Force might just have siblings like Negative Speed Force and Positive Speed Force.

None The Less;

You don’t need the Speed Force or any sibling of the Speed Force to create an artificial Speed Force. Just like gravity, the Speed Force has a mechanism such as tachyons, Kilojoules (mini lightning), et cetera which a device could recreat or replicate after studing it.

Question: How can Barry and his team theoretically, hypothetically or even physically create an artificial SpeedForce:


Theoritically, The flash could harness the little speed force left in him, reserve and study it then find a solution but there is no time right? The city needs saving from bad guys huh!

Well here is how Barry could create an artificial SpeedForce;

Before I go further, do you recall that Eobard Thawne created his own? Well if you agreed to that then you are a dumb ass (…no offence but yeah you are a dummy). Eorbard Thawne did not create his own SpeedForce instead he simply harnests the original Speed Force I mean it’s simple science.

Think of it this way, there are positive, negative and neutral forces, events, electrons or things around us. In this case the Speed Force, the original Speed Force is neutral and that is why I call it the original one and only Speed Force. Which can be accessed in any emotion or state you are be it anger, sadness, rage, joy or happiness.

The negative Speed Force known to be Thawn’s Speed Force is actually a Speed Force path through only negativity and I bet that now you know why I called you a dummy (…no offence).

Eobard Thawne uses the negative path of the Speed Force to run by accessing it through negative emotions, thoughts and feelings. This is also the real reason why Nora was able to use the negative Speed Force to run and why Thwane said to her and I quote “I will teach you how to use it” in the flash season 5.

Thawne taught her to use it and she learnt it but failed to keep running with it or open a portal with it. But when Iris came with the bad news. She was filled with rage and knew nothing but pain both from her future mom and now her idol, her father, The Flash.

Nora became so angry and in so much rage escalated by the negative tachyons that infected her system already.


Note: Tachyons enhance emotions positive, normal or negative which means that there are positive, neutral and negative tachyons. And I think there are tachyons in the SpeedForce or that they are the SpeedForce.

An Insight Answer;

Barry cannot create his own SpeedForce but could access like Eoboard Thawne the positive path of the SpeedForce and attract positive tachyons which I am also thinking there should be a suit to protect him from that cause if negative drives rage then positive should drive ecstasy when there should be pain (SAVITAR’S SUIT?).

Savitar's Suit Head Shot - confirmbiz

Although, that is not the only way one could create an artificial Speed Force. you could replicate after study it like I stated earlier. You could study and replicate it and more options Team Flash is about to discover.

Prove of My Theory

A little Insight:

You remember The Flash Season 3 Episode 23, the final battle between The Flash and SAVITAR.

SAVITAR was running with his suit positive tachyons or at least his suit does but Flash then with all the anger attracted Negative Tachyons and that’s why when he phased into the suit it changed instantly from white to red.


At first I thought it was some security detail or becuase of his clothers but then I dug deeper I mean if SAVITAR is Barry why the hell should that happen because of security or something and not to mention how fast SAVITAR was with the suit.

Savitar's Suit Lit up - cofnrimbiz

Light Summary:

Star LABS have created dark matter, removed dark matter, they store dark matter, created mata dampners along with other extra ordinary tech backed up with some science theory. I gues what am tring to say is that they can and will create an artificial Speed Force.

The Flash Barry Allen Smiling - confirmbiz

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