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Crisis On Infinite Earths Ending Review


Earth Prime?

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Why Is There Just One Earth called Earth Prime?

The Crisis On Infinite Earths ending is a bummer. OR maybe it hasn’t ended I mean they promised six episodes but that’s not what I want to talk about.

I want to talk about how all the earths in the whole multiverse (The whole multiverse!!!) combined or merged into one big giant earth and has just one Universe now, so there is no more multiverse, double gangers, breaching from earth to earth, universal domination or any of that at all. There is just one freaking universe. At least that’s what we thought since in Supergirl we learnt some double gangs escaped.

Okay let me explain what I think happened in the crisis on infinite earths parth 5, the ending but First let’s take a rundown on what happened at the ending.

The Flash went into the speed force to find a way to maybe reset the timeline as usual… Or find a time at all, anytime to go back to but couldn’t find a time he knew and I think its because his powers were limited due to the death of the multiverse. Then The green Arrow who is now known as “spectre” who has all the abilities of a god; limitless power and control over time and space, he helped the Flash to unlock his powers locked due to the death of the universe and later on recreated the universe the best he could. Here is what bothers me from this; I think that if a multiverse or a universe at all will exist, there must be an antimonitor.

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The Flash’s power that was locked was the ability to see all of time, all he could see is the vanishing point along with everything outside of time and space, the dawn of time and nothing else.

Now here is my theory on why there is just one earth and no multiverse.

The Green Arrow “Spectre” became a god who could manipulate space and time but this is a little tricky as to the fact that there is no space and time anymore to manipulate easily.

So he manipulated the space and time he had access to and did the best he could and the time and space he could get access to is from the “anti-monitor”. They all (The Flash, Supergirl, White Canary, Martian Manhunter, Humanity, Batwoman and Luthor) thought the green arrow was killing the anti-monitor but instead he was accessing the time and space within him because he has the essence of the monitor as well and recreated the universe prime and earth prime.

There was another way which is that the arrow will create the universe from the begining and the lifes of arrow and all the previous heros and universes will be lost forever but the universe will be reborn and antimonitor will still exist. Moreover, I think earth prime is a fault from the paragon’s or was it lex luthor’s plan to have one universe and conquer it?

No, of course Oliver Queen “Spetre” the green arrow was the one recreating the universe and manipulating time and space but I think The green arrow wanted the paragons to recreate the universe, probably by using there memories and their virtues for instance He used the paragon of Love “The Flash” to make love in the universe, the paragon of Truth “Lex Luthor” to make truth, The paragon of courage “Batwoman” to make courageous the universe, the paragon of Hope “Supergirl – Cara” to make the universe hopeful, the paragon of Destiny “White Canary” to create Destiny, the paragon of humanity to make it humanitable and the paragon of Honour to make the New Universe Honourable.

And with all these in their hands they messed the universe up into one big ball but if you think about it it makes sense though. The paragons had the power to make the universe in the image they wanted so they all thought about how they want it to be for instance Cara Danverse just wants to get her friends and family while Luthor’s wants to be the hero and Cara’s Boss as well. Bary wanted his family, star labs and his friends, jerfferson pierce wanted his family and freeland back, etc. Therefore this means that they just brought back their earths and not all the earths and the multiverse which of course I wouldn’t blame them because you know they do not know other universes then they did theirs’. I also think it is the fault of spectre or at least I think this is how he wanted it.

Here’s a question to ponder about, did the earth become one very big combination of the different earths made of the essence of the paragons?


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