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Black-ish follows an African-American family led by Dre Johnson and Rainbow Johnson . The show revolves around the family’s lives, as they juggle several personal and sociopolitical issues. The show also features the characters Zoey, Andre Johnson, Jr. , Jack and Diane Johnson.

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Alexa And Katie Download

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Note: Arrangement will be from Latest Season Down To The Oldest Season Alexa And Katie TV Series Download Alexa A young girl suffering from cancer and facing strong decision challenges on whether or not to start high school healthy or get expelled instead taking katie with her Katie Her best friend, the one who would … Read more Alexa And Katie Download

Everybody Hates Chris Download

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Note: Arrangement will be from the latest season down to the oldest here in confirmbiz Everybody Hates Chris TV Series Mp4 Download Everybody Hates Chris Season 4 Mp4 download A Young boy undersized goes through live changing events in his ilfe at teen age. Negleting the fact that he is the first child and has … Read more Everybody Hates Chris Download

Everybody Loves Raymond Download

Raymond Family Comedy

Everybody loves raymond is a family comedy which involves a man with a wife and three kids, a girl and twin boys. His brother and parents lives right across the street from them. This makes Debora his wife crazy as the mother keeps disturbing and embarassing her for her inability to make a good meal … Read more Everybody Loves Raymond Download