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Airtel Data Subscriptions


Airtel Data Subscriptions You Should Be Buying

Intro: Meaning Of Data Subscription.

Data Subscription or bundle is a term used to refer the payment of internet services to our Internet Service Providers to get internet services for a given amount of time. Just as making a phone call, when you put your mobile data on it contacts your your internet service provider and reseponds to you that is  sent ⇑⇓ recieved.

Airtel over the years since browsing and surfing the web became a hoby in Nigeria has become the leading data network in Nigeria. They seem to have found a way to make all day internet adicts and social media adicts aswell to get a data bundle that they will be satisfied with.

In this article I am going to show you the best data subscriptions to buy that are not cheats but are far better than cheats, I am telling you this because I am a full time Airtel Subscriber and am a browsing addict. I am going to classify or categorise this subscriptions in daily, weekly and monthly other. So let me List Them out for you.

Categories Of Airtel Datea Subscription

  1. General / Main Subscription.

  2. Smart Subscription.

  3. Social Bundle And.

  4. Youtube Bundle.

  1. General Subscriptions:

These are the subscriptions we make normally by Dialing  *141# to subscribe but what we don’t know is that we are missing out on the bonuses and the cheap stuff. Okay let me ask you, do you know that ₦500 for 750mb for 2 weeks is costlier than ₦1000 for 1.5 gb for one month or that ₦500 for 1gb one week is costlier than ₦2000 for 3.5gb for one month. HUh!?

Think about that, I mean if you purchased ₦500 subscription in two weeks you have spent ₦1000 just for 1.5gb.

Below are the best subscriptions Ever

     2. General Data Subscriptions


Daily Subscriptions:

> ₦100 – 75mb

> ₦350 – 1gb

Weekly Subscription:

> ₦500 – 750mb for 2 weeks

Monthly Subscriptions:

> ₦1,500 – 2.5gb + 1gb for Night browsing

> ₦5,000 – 10gb + 2gb fro Night browsing


   2. Trybe Subscriptions:

These are the subscriptions most are unaware of, for instance did you know that with ₦50 you could get up to 1gb to surf the web all night?

I am guessing  you don’t that but if you do here are more things to know more about this subscription like only smart trybe users have access to this so to join or migrate to be a smart trybe user Dial *312# on your Airtel Sim to migrate to be a Trybe subscriber and subscribe on the special subscriptions there.


Daily Trybe Subscriptions:

> ₦25 – 500mb sometimes 250mb from 12am – 5am.

> ₦200 – 1gb from 12am – 5am.

Weekly Trybe Subscription:

> ₦500 – 1gb



  3. Youtube Subscriptions:

This is for youtube use only! in the sense that if you subscribe to this subscription you can’t use the data bundle for anything other than watching videos and movies on youtube.

Dial *141# to subscribe.

Weekly Subscriptions:

> ₦150 – 300mb only night time for one week.

>₦300 – 300mb all day for one week.

Monthly Subscription:

> ₦1000 – 1.5gb + 3gb every night for one month


  4. Social Media Subscriptions:

Like youtube subscription, this subscription can only be used to access the social media through any platform be it an app or a browser but in most cases airtel considers opera mini browsers on android as a social media app in the sense that it can be used to browse or surf the web and even download from the web but not large downloads though.

Daily Subscriptions:

> WhatsApp → ₦50 – 10mb + 5 mins call for one day.

> Instagram → ₦100 – 250mb for one day.

> Instagram → ₦200 – 1gb for one day.

> All social (whatsApp, Facebook and all social media) →  ₦50 – 40mb for one day.

> All social (whatsApp, Facebook and all social media) →  ₦100 – 80mb for 5 days.

Weekly Subscription:

> WhatsApp → ₦100 – 30mb for a weeks and 3 days.


Monthly Subscriptions:

> ₦300 – 600mb for 25 days.



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