What is a computer virus?

A computer virus is a program code written or programmed to disrupt functions of the computer system by replicating itself and spreading by attaching copies of itself to other applications or files in the computer system. It creates a detrimental effectS such as generation of irritating images, denial of some computer services or operations, corrupting data or the complete destruction of data and in some cases the deletion of data.

Computer Virus Concept

Like a bio virus, the computer virus does not act until when loaded or executed, which then implies that your PC might be infected for over a year but since the infected file haven’t been loaded yet, it doesn’t show a sign.

So, if you  have a PC working fine and think your PC is safe and you didn’t apply any safety measures then i think you should rethink that thought. Below are useful Preventions as well as Solutions to Computer Virus.

How Does A Computer Virus Sread?

When an infected file, application or any program in the computer system is infected. At first the computer virus remains dormant until when the file, application or program is executed or opened for instance a boot sector virus will not act or show its effects until the computer system restarts.

Effects Of Computer Virus

  1. Corruption of the data in a file.
  2. Corruption of an application.
  3. The computer system seems to be controlling itself.
  4. Missing files or applications in the computer system.
  5. Deletion of files.
  6. Irregular opening and closing of files
  7. Inability to boot.
  8. Error loading a file
  9. Irregular looping of the computer.
  10. Unusual movement of the mouse and keyboard, et cetera.

Forms Of Types Of Computer Virus

   1.The Boot Sector :

A boot sector virus as the name implies act in the boot sector or area. It affects the parts of the computer necessary for booting such as the memory area and the disks such as the ROM and RAM. Its priority is to prevent a user from accessing the PC. The early signs are slow or long booting, booting and automatic restart then in the final stage it doesn’t boot at all, take precautions.

   2.The Network Sector :

This is a unique kindor Form  of computer virus, when a Computer User accesses and infected website, the virus on the infected website tends to replicate itself and spread from the server of the infected website to the server of the Computer User.

Whether or not you download something from the infected website, there is an 80% chance your PC might get infected. In the same way on a local network if a User or client tries to access some files on another user or client who’s PC is infected on the same local network, there is an 80% chance that the Uninfected PC of the User will get infected.

   3.The Window Area/Desktop Virus:

I call it the desktop virus because unlike the boot sector virus and the Network sector virus it attacks the PC on operation and off the Network. One might say its magic but it’s not.

This form of virus could come from a previously downloaded infected file or a copied file from a removable disk or even from within the system especially in slow PCs for the fact that it gets confused at some operations and corrupts a data ( its misunderstand an instruction from your mother).

From The Above One Might Say That the Medium Through Which A Computer Virus Infects A Computer Are;

Medium Of Virus Infection In The Computer

  1. The Internet.
  2. The Local Network.
  3. Removable Disks.

The Causes Of Computer Virus

  • Accessing files on a corrupted website
  • Accessing files on a corrupted Local Network
  • Opening mail messages from and unknown or and unidentified Sender.
  • Getting and opening files from an infected removable disk.
  • Loading an infected program.
  • Carelessness on the internet like downloading unknown files and application.
  • Programming a Computer Virus and Intentionally or unintentionally Testing It or Loading it.

Preventive Measures And Solution Of Computer Virus


  1. Anti-Virus; This is a very important, easy and safest way of preventing a virus from infecting your PC. An anti-virus is a program with a raw data about a virus and uses this raw data to scan your computer for anything that looks like the raw data, it brings it out and deletes it immediately according to your settings.
 An anti-virus has three main functions which are;
  1. Scan the Computer offline
  2. Scan the Computer, Network connection and Website you are surfing when online
  3. Scan Removable disks automatically

                 Two(2) Recommended Antivirus Programs

  1. For Online and Offline Scanning:

    The Norton anti-virus program Or The Avast anti Virus, either of these will keep your PC safe from computer Virus when online and offline.

    Note: Frequent Update is required because hackers and virus programmer come up with new viruses regularly therefore, it is up to you to update your anti-virus to check if there has been a new release of Computer Virus and try to keep you safe.


  1. For Removable Disks Scanning:

    The SMAD anti-virus is highly recommended for Removable disk scanning, Protection and execution. It as well requires frequent update.


Other Preventive measures And Solutions Are:

  1. System Format: This is only necessary if your computer has been completely damaged by a virus. Visit a professional computer technician to do this for you and if you don’t know one. Contact Us for Guide.
  2. Disk Partitioning: This is a preventive measure you will also need a Professional Computer technician for this Or Contact Us. This is like dividing you hard disk in two, for there be a necessity to carry a virus you can put the virus in the portioned disk.
  3. Carefulness: As it describes, do not copy or download unknown files or even try to creat virus and avoid spending time on corrupted websites
  4. Data Encryption: This Protecting Your Files with an antivirus Privately.

NOTE: Your PC has an inbuilt anti-virus program which protects essential System Files and It mostly of all needs frequent update.

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