Yelling at your kids can give them lifelong complexes: Know how to correct yourself

Staying in close confines for an indefinite period of time is bound to get on your nerves. But this is no excuse to yell at kids.

The COVID-19 lockdown has led to the closure of schools and offices. Most people are working from home and children are now taking online classes. Everybody is confined to their houses. Therefore, it is natural to get irritated sometimes. Staying in close confines for an indefinite period of time is bound to get on your nerves. But this is no excuse to yell at kids. Okay, we agree that sometimes you may need to reprimand your child for some misdemeanor. But if you make a habit of this, it may have long lasting effects on your child. Instead a better way is to gently explain why something is wrong and make them understand why they must not do certain things. If you are a parent, you must surely know that what we are saying makes sense. Also Read – Global Day of Parents 2020: 6 ways to raise happy and healthy kids

Here, we will reveal a few things that you can instead of yelling at your kids. But first let us see how this can have a negative impact on your child.


Parental frustration is a very normal thing. But please understand that doing so will not make them correct their behavior. Instead they will just develop an irrational fear for you. You are your child’s role model. If you shout at them constantly, they will start mimicking you thinking that this is the normal thing to do. Surely, this is not something that you want your kid to pick up. They may become more aggressive, both physically and verbally. It will make them insecure and this may reflect in other areas and relationships later on in their life. They are also likely to suffer from anxiety attacks and a low self-esteem. They trend to grow up as bullies. Also Read – Parenting tips: How to deal with your kids’ regressive behaviours during the quarantine


Yelling at kids is not an option. If you are in the habit of doing so, you need to correct yourself immediately. Children need discipline but this can be enforced without any shouting and yelling. Here are a few things you can do to control yourself.

Count To 10

When you feel yourself getting all hot and angry, take a deep breath and count to 10. This will help you calm down. If it doesn’t, just keep taking deep breaths till you calm down. You can also divert your mind by doing something else. Go and make yourself a cup of tea if nothing else. This will help. Then when you are in a calmer frame of mind, talk to your child about the issue that made you angry and make him understand in a sensible manner.

Be Firm But In A Calm Manner

Children being children will definitely misbehave occasionally. This is what makes them children. You cannot expect them to be all poised and calm at all times. So, whenever your child misbehaves, reprimand them immediately and firmly. But do this without raising your voice however angry you may be. They will get the point and try to behave themselves in future. But yelling may just make them more aggressive in future.

Avoid Threats

Threat can make your child insecure and this can manifest as anger and resentment. So, avoid using threats. Instead, explain things in a reasonable manner and give examples if possible.



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