World record

Thomas Blackthorne managed to lift an object with the weight of 12.5kgs (27 pounds) with only his tongue, which was pierced by a hook holding the four weights. He has trained over the course of over six years in order to be able to beat this record and managed to hold the weights for over five seconds, during which the audience felt terrified and prayed that Thomas will get through his act without any incidents; admirably, he did.

In the end, Thomas went home with a new world record and an undamaged tongue. This is a record which sure won’t be broken, since Thomas’s record was held since the 11th of September 2004, and since then, there was only one person to break this record three times in a row – him.

2.Captain Eric Melrose Brown

Captain Eric Melrose Brown has successfully flown over 485 planes over the course of his life and successfully landed each and every one of them, making him the most decorated pilot in the history of the Royal Navy. Due to those circumstances, he thinks his record will never be topped.

Brown has also flown almost every single category of aircraft and has fought along the Royal Navy in World War II. On top of that, he was the first pilot during this time which took a jet off from an aircraft carrier.

Captain Brown was born on the 21st of January 1919 and died this year in February.

3.Most One-Handed Push-Ups

Paddy Doyle, declared “The World Fitness Endurance Champion,” has some records under his belt but his most impressive one is the “most one arm push-ups completed in 5 hours”, with the astonishing number of 5,260 continuous repetitions; something very few would dare to challenge. The British athlete first entered the Guinness World Records in 1987 and since then broke over 100 records.

He has also broken the world record for most push-ups in a year which was of 1,500,000. Doyle was mostly mentally pressured by this challenge since he was surrounded by “Guinness World Record” representatives every day, which were monitoring his daily routine of push-ups throughout the year.

4.Blast Survivor

Tsutomu Yamaguchi is the world record owner for “most atomic blasts survived throughout one’s life.” Tsutomu managed to survive two atomic blasts which were meant to end his life, but they didn’t.

Tsutomu Yamaguchi was born on March 16, 1916 in Nagasaki. He was on a business trip to Hiroshima when the first bombing happened, and just three days later returned to work, where the second bombing happened. Only 64 years later was he truly recognized as a survivor by the government of Japan. Tsutomu died at the age of 93, on January 4th, 2010 from stomach cancer.

5.Kevin Fast

Kevin Fast has no doubt set an incredible record which may never be broken. He has pulled an airplane over the course of 8.8 meters (28 feet) by only using his body. The plane weighed a whopping, 188.83 tonnes (416,299 lbs.) making people skeptical regarding Kevin’s intentions at the beginning, but after just a minute Kevin made the plane move, and he could have gone much further if he wouldn’t have had a finish line, he says. Kevin works as a priest and owns over five weight pulling world records.

6.Tallest Man In The World

Some of you may have heard of the world’s tallest man, Sultan Kosen, aged 33. The Turkish farmer is measured at a staggering 250 centimeters (8 ft), making him sure that he stands out of the crowd.

Sultan Kosen was given the “Guinness World Record” award for being the tallest male alive. This was due to a tumor that affected his pituitary gland, responsible for controlling height. This flaw did not only give him a few extra feet, but also fame and recognition around the world because of his abnormal height.

Kosen has gotten surgery since then in order to fix his problem, and his growth stopped. He is now a healthy man which is very proud of his title due to all the attention he’s got for his unusual health.

7.World’s Fattest Man

As a result of such a hearty meal, there are outcomes. John Brower Minnoch is known as the world’s heaviest man; he weighed in at a stunning 1,400 lbs. which is roughly 640 kilograms, the weight of a 1992 Subaru Vivio, making him the heaviest man ever recorded.

John was born on September 29, 1941, and at just the age of 12 he weighed 133 kg (294lbs). His weight since then gradually increased until he was hospitalized due to a cardiac arrest from which he recovered. He then started his treatment which was based on a strict weight-loss diet.

He has lost over 400 kg (880 lb), but one year later, his weight started to get out of control again and he discontinued the treatment, only to die sadly two years later at the age of 41 due to edema.


Jonathan Lee Riches holds the Guinness world record for filing the astonishing number of 4,000 lawsuits on many different companies and individuals during his lifetime. Once he found out about this, he sued the Guinness World Record books.

Riches was a former prisoner which was released in December 2012 and since then; filed over 4000 lawsuits. He even started including a copyright symbol in his signature since March 2006 in order to make sure no one is ever going to copy it. He has been nicknamed “Sue-per-man” and some of the people he sued are President Bush, Bill Gates and even Pope Benedict XVI.



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