Woman accuses LUTH of denying rape victim treatment


A real estate and interior design executive, Temitope Bukola has accused the Lagos University Teaching Hospital of insensitivity for refusing to administer Post-Exposure Prophylaxis on a rape victim.


Chairman, Medical Advisory Committee of LUTH, Prof. Wasiu Adeyemo, however, denied that the hospital refused to treat the patient, noting that the realtor’s narration was not a true account of what transpired


Post-Exposure Prophylaxis, also known as PEP, is a short-term antiretroviral treatment to reduce the likelihood of HIV infection after potential exposure, either occupationally or through sexual intercourse.


The realtor who made the allegation against LUTH via her official twitter handle @_Temitopebukola narrated the harrowing experience of her salesgirl (the victim) in the hands of a dispatch rider.


She explained that a delivery man went to pick up some items from the shop and consequently raped the sales girl because she was alone.


Bukola noted that the dispatch man ‘threw N1000 in her face and told her to go and sort herself out.’


“Right now, the dispatcher has absconded. We have been meeting dead ends everywhere (we go) and even LUTH said that they can’t administer PEP medication because we insisted on pressing charges! They want us to drop the charges before she can be treated!


“We haven’t been able to see the DPO of police for Ilaje Police Station because he’s always “busy” every time we were there. According to them, the case hasn’t really been formally lodged if the DPO isn’t aware of it,” she said.


She described the suspect as a six-foot-tall man, in his late 40’s and with lots of body mass.


To worsen the matter, according to her, the young lady has been disowned by her father over the rape incident even after the situation was properly explained to the family.


“Now she cries at the slightest things. When she initially reported the rape matter to me, I told her not to bathe. So I drove down there and took her to a hospital. We ran some tests and took his semen from her because the bastard ejaculated in her! We have his semen which means we can run a DNA test if this was a normal country.


“We have a doctor’s report that clearly explains that there was forceful penetration. We also eventually got the PEP treatment already at a military hospital


“I hope Nigerians will help fight for this 18yrs old girl that literally has no one to fight for her,” she appealed.


However, while reacting to the allegation, Prof. Adeyemo, in a statement said that the realtor’s narration was not a true account of what transpired at the Idi Araba health facility.


“Our attention has been brought to a piece of news on twitter about an 18-year-old girl who was brought to LUTH by her boss on account of being raped. Our record shows that on 4th June 2020 at about 6 pm, a middle-aged woman came to the Accident and Emergency that her sales girl was reportedly raped by a dispatch rider who had come to deliver items to her shop.


“She said that she came to LUTH emergency so that post-exposure prophylaxis could be administered on the young lady. At this point, the alleged victim was still in the car. The medical officer in charge of the Triage unit of the A/E unit then proceeded to discuss the case with the senior registrar on duty in Obstetrics and Gynaecology section in the presence of the woman.


“She was informed that the PEP will be administered on the victim once she was formally registered in the hospital, while the legal aspect will be handled through an established legal process in Lagos State. The woman responded that the case was already reported to the police and that what they needed was just the PEP treatment,” the statement read.


The LUTH management disclosed that a disagreement ensued when the woman was informed the victim would be mandated to pay a fee at the cash point.


The statement noted that the realtor accepted the slip and left the O & G consulting room, while the doctors returned to their duties.


“It was, however, observed later that the woman did not proceed to register the rape survivor but left with her without informing any doctor. As earlier mentioned, the victim remained inside the car throughout the encounter with the woman and none of our staff saw the victim before they both disappeared.


“At no point did any of our staff approach the woman to drop charges against the alleged rapist. LUTH as a hospital has a well-documented policy on the handling and supporting cases of rape, and we have handled many such cases in the past.


“We as an organization stand against any form of interpersonal violence and sexual assault and commit to deploying all our skill to all patients we care for including rape survivors” the statement concluded



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