Why are some white people so threatened by fairness?’ celebrity singer says!!!

Protests calling out police brutality and racism following the death of George Floyd have drawn a number of celebrities, from Jamie Foxx and Joe Jonas to Kanye West and Ariana Grande. On Saturday, June 6, Pink and husband Carey Hart joined the cause, attending what both described in an Instagram post as a “peaceful protest.”

The singer who recently recovered from contracting COVID-19 in mid-March — shared a photo of herself going incognito at the demonstration, wearing a head wrap, sunglasses and N95 face mask as well as a Rosa Parks T-shirt. The post also included video footage of protesters holding signs in support of Black Lives Matter, which she shouted out in the hashtags featured in her caption.
The post fetched nearly 400,000 likes from fans like Busy Philipps and Reese Witherspoon and plaudits from those hailing her for, to quote one commenter, “always putting your money where your mouth is.” Indeed, Pink’s protest participation comes just a few days after she criticized President Donald Trump’s tweet calling for “law & order.”

“You’re a coward and a racist and just like everything else you’ve ever attempted in your life, A COMPLETE AND UTTER FAILURE.” she responded to him via Twitter. “I can’t wait to vote you out in November. Maybe you’ll see the results from your baby bunker.”

The “Walk Me Home” singer has also shared several social media posts reacting to Floyd’s death, racial inequality and the protests. But some commenters objected to her activism — prompting Pink to respond directly and defend herself.

“EVERY LIFE MATTERS! All people have equal rights. As to me, the tag line ‘Black lives matter’ is racist,” read one comment, to which Pink replied, “Well, all I can say to you then is ‘educate yourself.’
Another “All Lives Matter” remark got this response from the star: “Why are some white people so threatened by fairness? It shows how small you are.”

When a critic wrote “why doesn’t anyone protest when a white person is murdered,” she wrote, “No one’s stopping you bro.” And to a commenter who posted, “How about you ungate your home perhaps. Let folks into your house, Pink?” the pop star quipped, “Why you wanna snuggle?”

Hart also responded to negative comments, at one point referencing “attacks on [Pink] because of her beliefs” from Trump supporters. “I have much thicker skin,” he added.
Pink has a history of standing up to negative comments on social media. The mom of two has famously called out trolls over mom-shaming messages, and has periodically taken breaks from sharing photos of her children.
“I know many people are upset that we’ve left the President’s posts up, but our position is that we should enable as much expression as possible unless it will cause imminent risk of specific harms or dangers spelled out in clear policies,” Zuckerberg said late last week in a Facebook post clarifying his position. The public and employee response has been widespread outrage, with employees staging their first ever walkout on Monday of this week and dozens of former employees writing an open letter condemning Zuckerberg’s decision. could this have beenn the inspiration



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