what to do when you come across snakes

Many people freeze at the sight of a snake only to regain consciousness a short while after to either attempt to kill it or run away. Snakes are dreaded by many and the reason for this is the story about the venom from snakes that are so powerful and how fast this poisonous venom can travel to the heart where serious havoc is caused. Indeed, it is wise to fear and avoid snakes as possible as one can since common knowledge about snakes does not permit one to be able to tell which snake is venomous and which is not.

At homes, they can leave quietly with a person for as long as they are not discovered. They see people from time to time but go about thier businesses of hunting for little rodents and insects and then retrieved again to their hiding place to come out once they go hungry again.
Contrary to the beliefs that snakes are dangerous, human pose more dangers to snakes than they do to human. Human kill more snakes than can be imagined. The first thought that comes to a man that sees a snake is to kill, but this is for the one that is bold enough to do so.
Many snakes are very active in the day and less active at night. Many snakes have poorer vision at night and this is partly responsible for their inactiveness at night. This is not the same for all snakes. The pit viper has a good vision even at night. When you see a snake in your home, which may be possible, you must be careful enough even though they are not likely to attack. If you can do the first thing that every Nigerian would do. Kill it. But make sure you do so safely. Use a long stick or matchete to cut it from the head. If you cannot kill, try to stay calm and don’t disturb it too much else it will be irritated. Know the position of the snake. If it is close to the door, open the door and guide gently with a long still towards the door so that it goes out. If you cannot see the snake all of a sudden but you are sure it is still in the house, look around warm and dark corners of your home as careful as possible because snakes love these places. If you are afraid to go close, run out and call for help. There is always somebody around who can help you out. If you are not sure if the snake is a venomous one, it will be best not to go near. After all is settled, make sure you take care of all holes in your house else you may have a revisit. lets all be careful.



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    For snakes, it’s best not to disturb them and they won’t disturb you too.

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    yeah thats true. but due to fear we need to do the needful.

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    Do you know some people keep them as choice pets ?! I can only think of evading whence I sight one

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    Awesome update

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