What happens to your body when you drink lemon water every morning?

What happens to your body when you drink lemon water every morning?


Recently, lemon water is being touted as a weapon against the novel coronavirus, thanks to the acidic nature of this drink. Unfortunately, that’s not true. However, this morning beverage comes with a lot of other health benefits.

Lemon water has long been established as a morning beverage. This popular summer cooler is not only a popular quencher, it comes with a plethora of health benefits. The best thing about this beverage is that it is easy to make and customize too. You can use as many lemons as you wish to and even include other ingredients like mint and honey, etc. to enhance its health benefits and taste. According to experts, it’s best to have this drink without added sugar.

Rich in antioxidants and vitamin C, lemon comes with flavonoids which guard you against inflammation. This fruit, loaded with citric acid, is also a good source of vitamin A, beta-carotene, folate, calcium and potassium among others. Many health-friendly components of lemon are found in its peel. So, try using some amount of zest in your lemon water. Also Read – The amazing health benefits of lemon water on an empty stomach


Recently, a rumour about the efficacy of lemon in killing the novel coronavirus is doing the rounds. The theory is somewhat like this: Acidic environment isn’t congenial for this virus. So, drinking lemon juice or lemon water can kill it. Unfortunately, this is not the case. Studies have found that the novel coronavirus can survive in acidic environments as well. Though lemon water cannot guard you against the COVID-19 infection, drinking it every morning on an empty stomach can definitely up your health quotient. Here are the top health benefits of this popular morning beverage. Also Read – Here are 5 reasons why your health needs some lemon love

Keeps Your BP In Check

Lemon is rich in potassium. Research has revealed that potassium-rich foods can be a good for taming blood pressure levels. This is because this micronutrient reduces the impact of sodium in your body. This mineral is known to escalate your BP levels. Loading up on potassium helps you get rid of sodium through urine while easing tension on the walls of your blood vessels. This also helps in managing blood pressure effectively.

Reduces The Risk Of Kidney Stones

Most kidney stones are essentially calcium deposits which can be prevented by havingcitrus fruits. Since lemon is high in citric acid, just half a cup of lemon water may be as beneficial as the medications prescribed for kidney stones, find studies. Also, keeping yourself hydrated ensures better kidney functioning.

Brings Down The Chance Of UTIs

Urinary tract or bladder infections are incredibly painful.One way of minimize the risk of these infections is to keep your urine alkaline in control. Daily lemon water consumption helps in maintaining an alkaline-leaning pH in the urinary tract and reduces the risk of infections.

Reduces The Signs Of Ageing

Lemon contains vitamin C which helps in producing collagen and elastin, the elements that keep your skintight and flexible. Some studies suggest that a diet high in vitamin C will also reduce wrinkling. Also, a hydrated skin is smooth and has lesser chances of developing fine lines, the essential signs of ageing



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    Lemon water every morning results to the following:

    Bring down the chances of UTIs
    Keeps the BP in check
    Reduces The Risk Of Kidney Stones
    Reduces signs of aging

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