Weird jobs from celebrities’ past

1. Deceased-oriented Hairstylist Danny DeVito

Now Danny DeVito doesn’t seem to have any passion for any hairs, including his own. However, there were times when his life was connected with this stuff. Yes, you may be delighted to know he worked as a hairstylist. Moreover, you may even be shocked to find out who he served! Can you guess? We can bet you never suggest these were dead people!

2. Clown Hugh Jackman

Before Hugh Jackman became so famous, he had less prestigious and, of course, less paid jobs. For example, it was such jobs as a P.E. teacher and gas station attendant. Not mention the period when he worked as a clown entertaining guests at various events.

We don’t know why, but Jackman kept his teaching experience in secret. Perhaps, he still wouldn’t publicize this, but it occurred one of his former students contacted him when Hugh attended one of his numerous red-carpet events.

3. Lion tamer Christopher Walken

Christopher Walken got his first big roles in The Lion in Winter. Well, we consider the name of the performance if very symbolic as one of his past jobs was closely related to lions. Yes, when he was a scholar, he worked as a lion tamer’s assistant in the circus. So, in fact, Walken was directly involved in taming lions. Sometimes, he mentions his taming experience in his interviews telling, for example, about a lion Sheba and its canine submission.

4. Posh Sperm Victoria Beckham

Now Victoria Beckham, a singer, businesswoman, and David Beckham’s wife is a world-known personality. She gained prominence as one of the Spice Girls and even was christened as Posh Spice by the Top of the Pops magazine. But did you know that when she was an ordinary teenager, she worked for Body Matters show. What was her job there? Well, as the show was dedicated to sexual education she appeared in a costume of a sperm! And we have no doubts she was a Posh Sperm then!

5. Corpse-oriented makeup artist Whoopi Goldberg

Before Whoopi Goldberg became a household name, she worked at a mortuary. And she had a very weird job. Can you guess who she worked as if we tell you it was related to the cosmetology field? Well, she used to do make-up for dead people! Once she saw a corpse drawer was being slowly opened by nobody. But then it appeared that “nobody” was just her mortuary boss sitting in the drawer and waving.

6. Pen-salesman Johnny Depp

In his past, Johnny Depp had experience in the field of distant trading via the phone. He called different people and tried to sell them ballpoint pens. Not a well-paid job. Though, the company promised him a wonderful Tahiti vacation for meeting the target. Not a very interesting job as well. Soon Johnny Depp quitted it. However, he got a great acting lesson while working there.

7. Alive mannequin Geena Davis

Geena Davis is a very talented personality. One of her numerous talents is her ability to stay still for a long time. No wonder she posed as a mannequin once long ago in a clothing boutique. Of course, there were a lot of dummies in that store but, perhaps, having an alive one was considered to be chick. Once, when Geena spoke about her past still-posed job, she remembered one of the customers had spent a lot of time awaiting her to move. But she posed much longer he could stand.

8. Typesetter Dustin Hoffman

Being an actor on the start means one can’t charge huge fees for his acting. Therefore, one needs to have another livelihood. That was the shoes Dustin Hoffman was in. So, apart from acting he verified customers’ identity and maintained security. He worked as a doorman. He typed the companies and goods listings. Moreover, he created necklaces out of Hawaiian leis. However, Hoffman never deemed these jobs as disgracing.

9. Blagger Helen Mirren

A carnie job. To be more specific, a “barker” job (or a job of a “blagger” for Londoners and other subjects of the Queen). That was a job Dame Helen Mirren used to do when she was young and wasn’t known to anyone. We assume the Kursaal Amusement Park must be proud she worked for them.

10. Mick “Porter” Jagger

When Mick Jagger studied at the London School of Economics, he had to work to pay his bills. He applied to the Bexley Psychiatric Hospital for a job, and they hired him as a porter. This is a well-known fact. You can read it in many works dedicated to his biography. By the way, it is rumored that he gained there not only job experience but also a sexual experience with one pretty nurse.



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