Smoking weed is the most popular way of consuming it. But whether it is by smoking or any other means of taking it, weed has adverse effects on the body. For one thing, it can be very addictive as there’s an urge to keep taking it once you start doing so. The more you keep taking weed, the more it affects your body and mind negatively. In this way, it is being harmful to your health and general wellness. But how exactly does weed affect the body negatively? What are the risks of smoking weed every day? That’s what we’ll be looking into.

Smoking Weed Everyday

As earlier mentioned, weed is addictive. This means that once you take weed, there is a high tendency for you to take it again. Because of this, there are several people out there who take weed every day without hopes of stopping. Most of them know that there are risks associated with taking weed every day, yet they find it difficult to quit smoking it.

It is legal in most states and so you can’t say it is a crime to smoke weed. But we have to look at the bigger picture; weed does a lot of harm to the body. There are lots of risks associated with weed which people need to watch out for. If smoking weed every day is not controlled, it could lead to so many things.

However, what are these risks we are talking about. They will be discussed extensively. Here they are:

1. Weed Gets One High

Weed contains psychoactive properties and intoxicating effects which give the feeling of highness when taken. This psychoactive property is known as Tetrahydrocannabinol popularly known as THC. This THC is one of the most popular cannabinoids found in the cannabis plant, known for its ability to actively get one high due to its psychoactive properties.

When you smoke weed, you can get high within seconds or minutes. People get high for pleasure and to some others, getting high makes them forget their problems momentarily.

But it isn’t worth all that stress. This is because after smoking to get high and forget your problems, reality will still stare you in the face when the effect of the weed wears off. What then is the gain in that?

2. Weed Affects Mental Health

Some people’s brain are lighter than others. The effect of weed sets in according to how light a person’s brain is. But all in all, weed affects mental health. When you smoke weed every day, you may begin to get worried and anxious, feelings of depression starts to set in and you tend to panic unnecessarily. All of these are psychological issues.

If it is taken in high doses daily, you tend to start thinking out of the box. You start imagining things that are not happening and start losing your sense of reasoning well gradually.

3. Distorted Thinking

If you smoke weed every day, you start having distorted thinking. In fact, it will be difficult for you to put two and two together. This is because weed has a way of clouding the senses if it is taken inappropriately.

4. You Get Addicted To It

Of course, taking weed every day means you are addicted to it and that’s very bad. It is bad in the sense that the victim doesn’t care if he or she is losing friendships and relationships because of the weed. Getting addicted to weed takes its toll on finances, relationships, health, job, and so many other basics. The victim withdraws from people and living a sole life becomes a good option for them. In this state, the victim doesn’t mind spending his last to purchase weed.

5. Brain Impairment

Smoking weed every day also takes its toll on the brain. You begin to forget things easily and focus less. Things that you would have done with lesser time starts taking up your whole day. Concentration becomes difficult and you lose your alertness.

6. Weed Damages The Lungs And Heart

There’s no doubt about this one. As you keep puffing the bad air into your lungs, you tend to irritate and damage them. This could lead to long-term effects of tuberculosis or other lung diseases.

It isn’t only about the lungs as the heart is involved also. On average, the human heart beats 50 to 72 times in a minute. With weed, it can escalate up to 120 beats or more in the same one minute. The danger becomes worse if the victim is an elderly person with existing heart problems.

7. It Increases The Dangers Of Alcohol

Most weed smokers normally use alcohol to supplement it. By smoking weed every day, it intensifies and increases the dangers of alcohol which may be drunk driving, recklessness and so on.

8. Risk Of An Underweight Child

For pregnant women who smoke weed, there is a likely chance that they will birth underweight or premature child. This is the reason why medical practitioners will advise pregnant or expectant mothers to avoid smoking weed.

Most people think that smoking weed everyday causes cancer of the lungs. However, researchers have not been able to get backing for that claim.

Now, it is not that smoking weed is entirely bad, rather it needs to be controlled. You have to bear in mind that smoking weed every day has adverse effects on the body and mind and for this reason alone, you need to control your intake of weed.



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