Types of people you should run from

For one excuse or the other, too many strangers get into our lives every day. And it can never overestimate the significance or interest of meeting new people and communicating with them! Some people come into our lives and make a positive impact on us while others come in and make our lives a living hell!

And whether it’s a casual friendship or a romantic relationship, knowing the types of people to keep in our lives is important. So, let’s take a brief look at certain forms of harmful individuals that we can avoid in the interests of our mental wellbeing and development.

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1. The Manipulators

Manipulators are people who are only in your life because they need you to do something. We make you believe that they have positive intentions for you, and behave purely for their purposes as your best friends.

Their main aim is to exploit and trick you into doing something that will help them, and if you look back at your relationship with them, you will know that you were the one to “give” and not to “receive” anything from them. And having a relationship like that is terrible because it is only fair if we give and also receive in any kind of relationship.

2. The Judgemental

These set of people have a strong opinion at all times, which is fine. Yet in their case, their opinions are often pessimistic or offensive. They always have to say something bad about every single thing! Nothing will ever make them justice enough. And another thing about them is that they will never listen to what you have to say because their views or perspectives on any situation are always right to them. They sometimes make you feel bad about your own choices, or they just might not listen to your take on any matter. And this is an awful kind of relationship to sustain.

3. The ‘Energy Drainers’

Some people are essentially in your life just to constantly judge you. And they do it occasionally in ‘funny’ ways and make it seem like jokes. While you’re with them, they make you feel anxious or insecure, and they’ll always bring you down and question the single expectations you have for yourself. And after assaulting you, they target other people as well and then try to draw you into the case. I often refer to this group of people as ‘Emotional Vampires’ because they suck your energy out and you feel emotionally drained and exhausted after every experience that you have with them.

4. The Pessimists

The Pessimists are people who still expect something bad to occur in any case! You will never see them hoping for the best and they will always have a way to pass their negative vibes on to you. And because they’re too afraid to follow their dreams, they ‘re going to try and talk you out of their aspirations and will go as far as asking you something that could go wrong! Whenever you talk about your dreams and life goals, they always get frustrated and upset and will always tell you to ‘chill’ or ‘stop wasting your time.’

And these types of people are dangerous because they are always good with words and generally have valid arguments back up their negative opinions and end up making you believe them.

5. The Narcissists

Let’s talk about the term ‘Narcissist’ before we talk about this set of people.

According to the Oxford dictionary, “a narcissist is anyone who has or displays an unhealthy interest or pride in himself and his outward appearance …” Now imagine becoming acquainted with someone who is completely in love with himself and a little more. That would lead to a ‘disaster friendship,’ because when the parties involved love and care for each other equally, a true friendship is the last time I checked.

And since these narcissists love and care for themselves alone, when their needs are not met they can be dangerous and inconsiderate, and will always let you down when you need them most. There are other types of individuals that we can avoid for the sake of our development and mental health at all costs! Let’s seek to build relationships with people with common positive aspirations and expectations for us. People who would foster and support our goals for dreams, careers and life. And people who share with us their constructive energies, dream and attitudes, and thus drive us to become the best versions of ourselves!



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