Twenty six proven ways to make everyone like you s

Liking someone is amazing when you know they want you back, and we aren’t just talking about romantically either. It’s a precious feeling knowing someone likes you as much as you like them, but when they don’t, it can be heart-breaking. It doesn’t matter if it’s a close friend or a crush – when you want someone to like you, often, you have to take matters into your own hands.

But, what if we told you there are ways you can make someone like you? We’re not talking about asking them if they do, but more ideas that will work with anyone, without them directly knowing what you’re doing! That’s why we’ve created this list of 26 ways of how to make someone like you.

Remember, it’s for everyone and it’s not just about romantic connections. Perhaps someone new has started in your workplace, and you want a new friend, or you’re looking for love. No matter what it is, you’ve got this! Taking matters into your hand is the best thing you’ll ever do.

#1 Smile at Them

A smile really can improve yours or anyone else’s day. Someone is bound to like you more if you’re happy and smiling all the time, even if you only want to be friends. Smiling is a comfort for many people and shows a more relaxed and pleasant side to your personality. If you’re a manager or new supervisor and want your employees to respect you, then one of the first and most important steps is to smile at them. Just a simple action, like a smile, can go a long way.

#2 Make Regular Contact

Psychology experts state that familiarity is one of the key factors of liking a person, whether that is romantically or just in general. The more you see someone and make regular contact with them, the more they’re going to know you then eventually like you. Regular contact doesn’t have to be physical either, it can be a simple conversation or just seeing them face-to-face.

#3 Share Secrets

Who doesn’t like some juicy gossip? Sharing secrets is generally something we do with our friends and people we like. You can show someone how much you like them by sharing a secret and this will lead to them liking you and trusting you too.

#4 Be Interesting

We have all had that friend who isn’t interesting at all; they’re boring to be around and eventually we aren’t friends with them anymore. If you’re interesting, then people will like you and want to be around you more. Those who have the most interesting stories are always the best storytellers too.

#5 Do Something Memorable

Have you ever remembered someone who didn’t do anything memorable? Probably not. But, you do remember those who do.

People tend to like you more when you do something positive that they remember, and they’re sure to think of you next time it happens.

It’s always great having an impression on someone, and when it’s a good one, you know you’re sure to be liked. If you want your crush to like you, then you could turn up at her house with flowers to show how much you care, that’s memorable and romantic.

#6 Have Similar Interests

It’s always great to find someone who likes something similar to you, and it’s more than likely you’ll like that person when you find out they do too. Do you like the same pizza as a work colleague? Invite them around for a movie and pizza night, before you know it you’ll be best of friends and they’ll love you!

#7 Be Honest

People respect honesty, and it’s that simple. If you’re starting a new job and you’re late one day, be honest about it, and your boss is more likely to like you because they know it’s difficult, to tell the truth when you’re in such a difficult position.

#8 Compliment Them

Who doesn’t love a compliment? Anyone who can pay someone a lovely compliment with good intentions is sure to be liked by many people.

#9 Be Positive

We understand that the glass can’t always be half full, but it’s about your outlook on all situations. People are more likely to like you if they know you’ll always cheer them up and be positive about things, even when things are going wrong.

#10 Take Care of Yourself

This isn’t an effort for most people but f you show someone you and take care of yourself then they will definitely like you more.

#11 Ask Questions

It shows you’re interested in what they’re saying. Don’t be afraid to ask more compelling questions either; everyone needs to show their interests in some way.

#12 Show You’re Genuine

There is simply nothing better than a genuine relationship between two people, whether it’s a romantic one, a work one, or even just a friendship. The person you want to like you will if you show you’re genuinely into them as a person.

#13 Add Physical Contact (Romantic)

Perhaps it’s a touch of the arm or a brush of the leg. Add a little physical contact into a romantic relationship as the other person might just start to realize you’re into them and like you back.

#14 Respect Their Opinions

If you can have a debate, but it doesn’t turn into an argument, someone is definitely going to like you more. It’s just inevitable that they’ll get put off by the friendship if you’re argumentative.

#15 Don’t Get Jealous

They may want to spend time with other people, that’s fine too! Don’t get jealous and they’re sure to like you.

#16 Be Affectionate (Romantic)

Turn up to their workplace with a bunch of roses and show how much you care. Affectionate actions are the best way to make someone like you, and you’ll soon be irresistible.

#17 Change Your Body Language

It’s basically showing that you’re interested in them leading to them like you, perhaps a lot more than before.

#18 Try Mirroring Them

This could be their actions and the words they say if we become more relatable people are sure to like us more. if you’re from different areas then mirror words they choose, and they’ll soon be laughing and joking with you.

#19 Be Confident

Show them that you’re confident and want to be friends or romantically involved with someone. It’s surprising how much people like you when you’re confident in yourself.

#20 Share Your Values

Passionate about animal cruelty? Want to empower women? There are so many values you can share with your new interest; people definitely like others when you share a deep value.

#21 Appreciate Them

And, show them that you do. When people are treated the way, they should be then they like the other person a lot more than if they’re not.

#22 Make Eye Contact

This is another way to show you care about them and their opinions. It’s an attractive aspect too. Make eye contact with someone and they’ll more than like you, they might even fall in love!

#23 Be Warm and Welcoming

For anyone who wants guests to like them while they’re in your home, be warm and welcoming. Show them how good of a cook you are or that you’re a talented host/hostess! No one like a more welcoming person in their life.

#24 Pay Attention to Them

There is no better feeling than knowing you’re liked. Allow someone to know you like them and they’re going to like you back, it’s pretty simple.

#25 Be Available

If they need someone to rely on, be that person. We all need someone to like in our lives. If you’re available, you’re much more likely to be liked and loved by the other person.

#26 Be Yourself

You have lots of attractive aspects to your personality, being yourself allows people to see and like the real you. You may not believe it but you have a lot going for you!



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