Treat your Itchy and Red Eye yourself

Causes of Itchy and Red Eye

There are different triggers of your itchy eye, which although often have similar symptoms, they are not too similar. When your eye become itchy and red, you’ll do just about anything to relieve the irritation. But knowing the cause of your itchy eye can help you find the right treatment and get some relief.

Knowing the differences between symptoms of allergy and infection, for example, is important to understand so you don’t make your condition worse by treating the wrong symptom.ivacy

Having itchy eye can be uncomfortable. Luckily, getting itchy eye is rarely ever a serious health concern.

The most likely causes are:

  • dry eyes
  • allergic rhinitis (such as seasonal allergies or hay fever)
  • eye infection (such as various types of conjunctivitis)
  • improper contact lens fit or material
  • getting something stuck in your eye
  • atopic dermatitis or eczema

In these cases, itchy eyes are fairly safe and easy to treat at home.

Home Remedies

Here are two reliable home remedies that you can use to treat itchy eyes. Always make sure to see a doctor if symptoms become severe enough to affect your day-to-day life.

Cold Compress

Cold water compress can relive the itch and have a soothing effect on your eyes. Simply take a clean cloth, soak it in cold water, and apply to closed itchy eyes, repeating as often as needed.

Water Running Strategy

Water can be highly medicinal and when struck by severe iching, instead of scratching or scrubbing it, just get a bowl of normal and clean water and deep your eyes widely open in it for few seconds. You will marvel at how it will relieve you, but note that this is just a way to manage it as the itching will begin as soon as as the trigger comes in contact with the eye. Those with dry eye will benefit a lot from this. However, they should see the doctor.

Avoid The Trigger

Whether seasonal or Perennial Itching, there is always something which triggers the Itching. All you need to do here is to try as much as possible to avoid eye contact with the trigger. Coming in contact with the ray of sunshine, coming to close to the phone or laptop can be triggers. So, help yourself by moving away from these triggers to have comfort.

Wear Sunglasses

If either the sun, long staring at the TV set, phone or laptop is the trigger, you can manage and even treat this itchy and red eye by wearing sunglasses when coming in contact with these objects. Also endeavour to reduce the light of these gadgets. You can learn to look away after a long staring at these gadgets, knowing full well that you can’t state at the sun, these gadgets are mini-sun Rays too.

Eye Drops

Over the counter eye drops drug for itch relief are always helpful. Some are designed for allergies and redness, while others work like artificial tears for dryness. The best types are preservative free. Some help all these conditions in addition to itching.

See An Optometrist

When any of the above symptoms persists after trying out the home Remedies, kindly see a doctor to help you out. Note that your eye is the most important part of your outer body and once you go blind, life becomes completely shattered and meaningless. Please


Please, don’t go blind, but see an Optometrist if you can’t manage it anymore, because you might just be treating cataract with another drugs. Don’t complicate issues for yourself. Respect your eye with your money.



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    Knowing the differences between symptoms of allergy and infection, is important to understand so you don’t make your condition worse by treating the wrong symptom.

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