Top spots to visit in Lagos

1. Bogobiri

Bogobiri is located in the high brow area of Ikoyi. It is one of the many spots to go to in Lagos that come alive broadly speaking at night. It’s a unique area where meals meets arts. You would prefer to go to Bogobiri on Thursday nights for ‘freedom hall’ and Friday nights for ‘Taruwa’. If you’re a lover of spoken phrase and properly music – from jazz to Highlife and AfroBeat – then Bogobiri is for you! Interestingly, it also affords area for events like bridal showers, birthdays and more.

2. Beaches

There are a lot of beaches to go to in Lagos- Eleko beach, Kuramo beach, Oniru personal beach, Elegushi beach, Atican beach, the list is almost endless. Get your swimsuits geared up and head on to any of these beaches. You will want to keep to the area of the waters as the waves can be brutal and there are no stable security measures in place. However, it’s nevertheless a top notch vicinity to grasp out with buddies and even host parties.

3. Freedom Park

Freedom Park is a memorial and amusement park location in the middle of downtown Lagos. Built on a road that was once formerly the large street prison, it has now evolved into a enjoyment park where human beings prepare suggests and concerts. The Park was once developed to maintain the records and cultural heritage of Nigerians as viewed in its strategically placed enormous figures. It’s certainly one of the spots to go to in Lagos.

4. Omenka Gallery

This is a modern Nigerian artwork gallery owned by means of Oliver Enwowu, son of one of Nigeria’s leading 21st-century artists, Ben Enwowu. The gallery showcases the works of established and contemporary upcoming Nigerians as properly as worldwide artists. Right outdoor the gallery is a chilled and quiet waterside hangout spot where you can sit down and relax, free from the worries of the world.

5. Ikeja Shopping mall

This is the busiest rest spot in Ikeja and arguably, Lagos. It’s your high-quality choice for shopping, entertainment, and leisure, all in one place! It has a variety of restaurants, a cinema, a bookstore, apparel stores, bars, banks, hair salons and make-up studios. Located at Alausa, this mall is a one-stop region for your needs. Is it one of the exciting spots in Lagos? A go to will convince you, as touring the mall would supply you the probability to see a movie, do some buying and experience great cuisines.

6. La Campagne Tropicana Beach Resort

This is a non-public seaside lodge positioned at Ikegun Ibeju, Lekki. It prides itself in complex African designs, hospitable body of workers and iconic views. The inn lies at the part of the Atlantic ocean so you’ll do well to go with very light clothes, and if you’re not a fan of water, they offer hangout spots with undeniably tasty meals. A remarkable get away from the ordinary Lagos hustle and bustle and a extremely good area to wind off during the weekends or holidays. They additionally have well-furnished chalets the place friends can inn in. If it’s a exciting meant trip, have your squad come along with you for the ride there is quite a lengthy one!

7. National Theatre

Constructed in 1976, it is the cultural center for performing arts in Nigeria. The well-equipped hall has the ability to maintain 3000 people. It hosted the Festival of Arts and Culture (FESTAC) in 1977. The constructing has a bar, a restaurant, and 2 grand cinema halls. The terrific cultural performances coupled with the theatre’s architectural grandeur have pulled the interest of humans from a range of walks of life.

8. Jazz hole

An offspring of Glendora books, the Jazz hole is one of the awesome spots in Lagos. It is located at Awolowo Road, Ikoyi. It is a location the place literature meets precise music. There’s a plethora of African art work in the hole to help create a comfy atmosphere. It’s acknowledged as one of the satisfactory cultural tune retail outlets in the country. It has a snack bar with exceptional coffee and yummy sandwiches amongst other snacks.

9. Liam and Noel’s Book Club

This bookshop is home to children’s books, the candy smell inner the building makes analyzing inviting. It’s a remarkable location to take children, particularly if they love to read. Registration charges N40,000 per yr and N20,000 for 6 months. However, the books can additionally be borrowed at expenses ranging from N200-N300.

10. GET arena

It is placed at once opposite the Palms shopping mall. Go-karting is a usual instance of a spoil from the norm and adolescents will also attest to this whilst they enjoy it. They also have a bar and an arcade with a wall climbing section. Worried about what enjoyable spots in Lagos to visit? The GET area would be an tremendous choice.

11. Lekki Leisure Lake

Encourage your teenagers to get active and have interaction their muscle mass with the aid of leaping on the Quad bikes. They can additionally get on the Jet Ski with a guide. This place is equally enjoyable for adults. There are benches and chairs to sit down on whilst playing meals at the lakeside. Lekki Leisure Lake is a splendid vicinity to go to on weekends and holidays.

12. Nike Art Gallery

owned through Nike Davies Okundaye, her inspiring story from humble beginnings barring a University degree to delivering lectures at Harvard University has accelerated the recognition of the gallery. For all things, paintings, drawings, stones, beads, adire and wholesome arts, Nike Art Gallery is a excellent place.

13. Lekki Conservation centre

Our list of top spots to visit in Lagos won’t be whole if we don’t point out LCC. This 21-year-old conservation centre is run with the aid of the Nigerian conservation foundation (NCF). If you appreciate seeing plant life and animals in their natural habitat then this vicinity is a must visit for you. There’s a lot of exploration themed activities to elevate out there, not forgetting the fearless cover walk. You will have a time of your lifestyles discovering the nature park and appreciating its splendor. Beware, there’s a lot of walking around to be carried out at this park, so be ready!

14. Fun turf

From its name, it’s a exciting park for kids and even adults to visit. There are a host of interesting things to do like football, basketball and it is in general, a brilliant region to cling out in the course of the weekends or vacation trips when the kids are around. There is also a enjoyable store in the constructing to purchase sportswear and equipment.

15. Paint and bake

This location creates an possibility for young people to hone abilities in drawing, painting, sculpting, and pottery. They furnish all the substances to be used while encouraging a fun and creative atmosphere. If you prefer to ignite the activity of your kids in Arts and craft, Paint and bake are the place you have to take them. They are open every day from eight am to 6 pm.

16. Funtopia

This is any other high-quality place designed to attain the interest of children. Even adults also get an possibility to release the inner teens in them. It’s a recreational park where households can come to do three things –have fun, have fun, and have greater fun. There is a large array of interesting things to do to pick from- swimming, games, bouncy castles, exhibitions and an awful lot more.

17. Lekki Ikoyi hyperlink bridge

This bridge was once commissioned with the aid of former Lagos State governor -Babatunde Raji Fashola. It covers a distance of 1.358 kilometres and hyperlinks the Phase 1 area of Lekki with Ikoyi. It’s no longer simply a link bridge, however has additionally grow to be a renowned Jogging spot in recent times; Even Facebook CEO, Mark Zuckerberg has jogged on this bridge. The bridge bears quite a similarity with the popular Eiffel Tower in Paris and is now being viewed as one of the most photographed locations in Lagos.

18. New Afrika shrine

Located at Ikeja, the shrine is virtually one of the exciting spots to visit in Lagos and is currently the host area of the Felabration song festival, an event held yearly in honour of the musical legend, Fela Anikulapo Kuti. It displays image galleries of Fela and there are musical performances from distinct musicians specifically Femi and Seun Kuti. So if you’re searching for a destroy from normal hip-hop, go to the New Afrika shrine to experience a musical genre of its own.

19. Terra-Kulture

Terra Kulture is an art gallery, theatre, arts and craft save mashed up in one building. It was once founded by Bolanle Austen Peters. They have occasional art exhibitions and feature severa stage plays. It is the host region of famous Nigerian stage play ‘Waka the musical’. If any of these have not convinced you to go to Terra Kulture, then you need to know that they have a food lounge that serves many delicacies. Their ‘to-die-for’ Jollof rice is a must-eat!

20. Play Barn

Play barn creates a secure and compelling surroundings for adolescents to have interaction in a numerous determination of fun things to do from table tennis, to hairstyling, pottery and a whole lot more.

21. The Palms Shopping Mall

It is placed at Lekki, it has a cinema and a diverse wide variety of shopping stores which site visitors usually store from. For your variety one buying trip and window shopping, go to the Palms.

22. National Museum

The museum is located in Lagos, and has a relateable history, for this reason its position as one of the top spots to go to in Lagos, as it says a lot about the state and Country. Founded in 1957 by Kenneth Murray, the Nigerian National Museum is placed in the town of Lagos. The museum boasts of a diverse collection of prominent Nigerian art, consisting of portions archaeological and ethnographic exhibits. It’s a awesome place to examine about Nigerian history.

23. Banana Island

This is an artificial island off the foreshore of Ikoyi, Lagos, Nigeria. It is renowned for its awesome architectural grandeur, complex designs and creative composition of structures It’s also home to some of Nigeria’s elite. How about a trip to “The Nigerian Beverly hills?”

24. Badagry

Badagry is a small city located between Lagos and the Seme border and is now renowned for its slave exchange museum. Many Nigerian colleges convey their students to the Badagry museum frequently to learn about the slave change era. The museum elements relics like slave chains and different items used for change between the colonists and African leaders. You’ll get to see the first high upward jab constructing in Nigeria. You will additionally get to move the lagoon in order to commence ‘the experience of no return’ however no longer to worry, it’s named that in honour of slaves who made the ride to overseas nations and never back home. Badagry town binds fun with historic knowledge and with their instead interesting guide, you can be sure to have a fun-filled day!

25. Jhalobia Recreation Park and Gardens

The Jhalobia Recreation Park and Gardens is positioned alongside Murtala Mohammed International Airport Road, Lagos and is has made our list of the pinnacle 35 spots to go to in Lagos. It’s one vicinity that’s yet to be determined by many. Its atmosphere and versatile show of horticulture are what units it apart. The 2- acre park points ponds, waterfalls, fountains and even a play corner for kids. If you love nature-flowers specifically, then this area is a should see. It’s additionally a appropriate venue for out of doors weddings, engagements, picnics etc.

26. Silverbird Galleria

Visit Silverbird Galleria to see a movie. There are additionally a host of shops there to keep at and great restaurants to satisfy your food cravings.

27. Kalakuta museum

Kalakuta Republic used to be the title of the region where Fela, alongside his band and family contributors lived. On February 18, 1977, the residence was once attacked by army officers and burned down. Now, it has been became into a museum to honor Fela and his have an effect on on Nigeria and the world at large. Kalakuta Museum is a vicinity for humans who favor an perception into the world of Fela and one of the top spots to go to in Lagos

28. Ikoyi club

Located at Alfred Rewane, Ikoyi Lagos, the Ikoyi membership is a product of two clubs- The European Club and The Lagos Golf Club which grew to be one on September 29th, 1938. If you’re a lover of Golf, tennis, Swimming, Squash, Badminton, and Snooker you will find solace at this club. It is certainly one of the spots to visit in Lagos for sports lovers.

29. Empire sports activities paintball

This is a speedball airfield located at Elegushi Beach Lekki Lagos. A leisure center for household and friends. It prides itself on being the most recognized title when it comes to paintballing in Nigeria. Also serves as a suitable venue for children’s birthday events and small occasions.

30. Federal Palace Hotel

Federal Palace Hotel is a 150-room hotel installed in 1960. The resort overlooks the Atlantic Ocean and is located in the business hub of Victoria Island in Lagos. The resort is viewed as one the top spots to visit, as it brings this air of class and luxury, and just smells money! all the way.

31. OSH Gallery

Established in 2013, Osh is a privately owned art gallery in Lagos located at Herbert Macaulay road, Yaba. If you’re an artwork fanatic who has adrenalin rush at the notion of having topical discussions on art, Osh is calling you.

32. Rele gallery

Rele gallery is placed at Onikan, Lagos. Opened in 2010, it is a gallery which delights itself in showcasing artworks of young cutting-edge artists with unconventional arts exhibitions.

33. Tafawa Balewa Square

The 14.5-hectare (35.8-acre) ceremonial ground is located at Onikan, Lagos and is popularly referred to as ‘TBS’ is one of the pinnacle spots to visit in Lagos. This square is particularly extensive as this used to be the place Nigeria’s independence social gathering took place. It has served as host locations for large events in Lagos consisting of gospel show known as the experience, Lagos carnival, Lagos international trade fair, and more.

34. The soul lounge

The Soul Lounge is a cool and in-vogue place and one of the top spots to visit in Lagos. Located within The Palms Shopping Mall, the lounge offers food and drinks in a revitalizing environment. They have exceptional TGIF packages every Friday and it’s open each day till 3.30 am.

35. The Escape Room

This is the first stay adventure recreation in Lagos. It is one of the spots to go to in Lagos if you crave some darkish time and secret adventure.  Participants (usually 2-6 at a time) are locked in a room the place they are given 60 minutes to use clues, puzzles, Genius teasers to set themselves free. Each is set around chosen subject matters tailor-made for family occasions, romantic outings etc. Not to fear the sport can be ended at any time by using the individuals pressing a panic button in the room. If you prefer enjoyable mixed with wit, this is certainly a notable escape!



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