Top dangerous cults in Nigerian universities

Undergraduate, one of the warnings you will keep hearing from your parents and guardians is the one of cultism. They will tell you to be careful of the kind of friends you follow and avoid anything that has to do with cultism. This cult activity is as old as the earliest Universities in Nigeria. Widely accepted to have started in the Premiere University of Ibadan.

The good missions of the earlier cults were never realise as we are now left in the fenzy of today’s cults taste for killing, violence and crime. Below are some of the most popular cults that have continued to torment students and lectuerers in the University.

8) Black Bra

The black bra is one of the most popular female cult groups in Nigeria Universities meant for female cultists in the country.

Female students are mostly initiated through initiation rites which is rather a terrible affair.

Members of the cult are always clothed in black down to their underwear.

7) Eternal Fraternal Order of Legion Consortium

This cult was founded and started by five students at the University of Calabar in 1983 during the military regime.

Members were known for worshing demon called “Ogor” as their god. They call their members “Klansmen” which they copied from a cult group in California.

Their slangs include: peaceful man in a deadly mood, what concerns a klansman concerns klansmen, disagree to agree and others.

6) Mafia Confraternity

This was founded in 1978 and is structured after a US based Chicago Mafia. The initiators were eight in number.

The cult started in University of Ilorin but began functioning at Obafemi Awolowo University two years later.

They are highly secretive, revengeful and like having fun. Menbers are known as mafians.

5) Supreme Vikings Confraternity

This was founded by three students in 1982 who were former members of the buccaneer from the University of Post Harcourt

They have slangs like blood on the high sea, never to hang a leg, even in the face of death and others.

4) Black Axe Confraternity

This was founded in the University of Ibadan in 1976 with the idea and mission of building a body to fight against the oppression of the students of the University.

Most of the members are rumored to be from the Neo black movement of Africa

Some of their slangs include: forgiveness is sin, he who price must pay, obey before complain and others.


3) Supreme Eiye Confraternity

This group was founded in the University of Ibadan in 1965.

The cult group aspired for self-development among themselves and were dismissive to other types of cultism

Their members are often called fliers, Air Lord’s, Air force and others.

Their slangs include: brotherhood, no friend no foe and the likes.


2) Buccanears Association of Nigeria

This is one of the most popular cult in Nigeria Universities. It broke away from the pyrate Confraternity.

The name of the cult and its genesis came when Bolaji Carew and some members were expelled from the pyrates in 1972, for their poor academic performance and intellectual standard set by the sea-dogs.


1) Pyrate Confraternity

This is the pioneer and the first cult group in Nigeria University. Professor Wole Soyinka together with six of his friends formed the Confraternity at the University of Ibadan.

The mission of this Confraternity was profoundly for the good of the less privilegeds, the oppressed and mostly to close the tribalism and social gaps between people beginning from their immediate students.

However, this mission was never achieved nor actualized as there was a breakaway from the group which led to the creation of others in the University. Since the breakaway, the cult ideology has changed as they involve in all sorts of violence, crimes and killings to satisfy their ego and demonic means.



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