Iroko TV has been nicknamed the Netflix of Africa, although it was launched on the 1st December 2011and it was founded by Jason Njoku.
Iroko TV is one of the largest film host in Africa it is also the largest legal distributors of Nollywood movies around the world. As a matter of fact, with the Iroko TV App you can download thousands of Nollywood movies on your device.

#2 Naij

Naij is one of the most popular news and entertainment platforms in the country. The website has a monthly audience of over 6 million people.However, there’s a section on Naij that is dedicated to videos, these include news video, entertainment videos and Nollywood movies.

The problem with Naij video is that you can only watch short clips of these movies on your PC, laptop or mobile device.

#3 Nigerian Movie Network

The Nigerian Movie Network is a repository of Nigerian movies. Movies are usually updated to this platform every day.
You can browse the site based on movie category which includes drama, comedy, romance, Igbo, Yoruba, action, thriller, soap opera and religious movies
If you’re a member, you will have to log into the website before you will be able to download movie. But if you’re not a member yet, you have to register before you can download.

#4 WapBase

Established in 2012 by a Nigerian software Engineer, Kelly Chi, WapBase is an online platform where you can download movies, audios, videos, and other types media.
The movie options include Nollywood, Bollywood, Ghollywood, Chinese, Hausa, Yoruba, Igbo, Calabar movies and many more.
You can also watch wrestling (WWE), Nat Geo Wild and comedy videos on this platform. It also provides chat forum and subscriptions to newsletters- which allows you to get information on the latest movies, news, and gist.

#5 123 Movies

123Movies is another popular website where you can download a wide variety of movies.
123 Movies offers you a free and HD quality opportunity to download Nollywood, Hollywood, and other countries’ films, this site isn’t limited to just Nigerian movie.

#6 Nigerian Nation

NigerianNation is an interesting platform for watching and downloading Nigerian movies.The site provides information and entertainment news however there is a video option where you can watch your favorite Nigerian movies.
You can also watch some live programs like the past editions of the Experience on this platform, also this website allows uploads of videos from different sources.

#7 Naijapals

Founded in 2007, NaijaPals is one of the largest social networking and entertainment communities in Africa
However, NaijaPals isn’t just a social network site, it is a site where you can download Nigerian movies, download the latest Nigerian music, you can download Ghanaian movies, read the latest news as well as chat with friends and many more.

#8 Realnolly TV


Realnolly TV is another website for Nigerian movies. This site offers both free and premium access when it comes to downloading Nollywood movies.
By searching for your movie choice, you can easily download hundreds of movies which include action, drama, romance, traditional and comedy movies on this platform. All you need do is register in the site as a member and log in for your optimum excitement. The platform also offers the latest Nollywood news.

#9 NigerianFilmz


From Nollywood to foreign movies, NigerianFilmz is one of the top destinations for films for movie lovers in not just Nigeria but across the world. You can find a lot of adult-rated movies to watch for enjoyment on this site. It also provides other series of genre and movies from all over the world.

#10 TVNolly


TVNolly is one of the top online video streaming companies where you can stream or download best of Nigerian and African movies at large.The site offers free and paid On-demand movie streaming services to Nollywood lovers all over the world. Their audience in the U.S.A, U.K, Nigeria and Ghana form a major part of their viewership.

#11 CodedWAP


You can stream or download Nollywood movies seamlessly on CodedWap on your mobile phone or your desktop or laptop. You can also watch skits from online celebrities like CrazeClown, MarkAngel etc.
Additionally, you can watch and download music videos plus you can get the latest news in Nigeria and across the world on this site. These include entertainment, education, technology, lifestyle, politics and sports news.

#12 Naijaonpoint

Naija on point offers you a great opportunity to read all the latest newspaper headlines in Nigeria plus the latest breaking news from the world around. This online platform also offers downloads of the latest movies of different genres.




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