Top 10 places to visit in Europe

1. Railway Glenfinnan Viaduct in Scotland

If you watched Harry Potter, you must have seen the Glenfinnan Viaduct, a bridge over Finnan river in Scotland. One of its distinguishing features is the method Scotsmen used when constructing all its 21 arches only with concrete and free of any metal girder.

Your must-do is to ride over this one-hundred-foot high railway track. The views you will see are wonderful!

2. Gothic Charles Bridge in the Czech Republic

This Charles Bridge is a Prague sixteen-arched bridge over the Vltava river. It was built more than five centuries ago with its towers of the fourteenth century. This is amazing but rare example of great Gothic architecture embodied in bridge construction.

Your must-do is to visit this ancient bridge that still amazes us with its Gothic design and numerous statues scattered over it. The bridge is unique, at least in Europe

3. Magnificent Dona Ana beach in Portugal

The Dona Ana beach, located in Lagos, Portugal, isn’t just famous with its soft sand and crystal-clear water though Lagos is not far away. Its rugged cliffs have stratums of various colors, from almost white to reddish shades.

Your must-do is to relax enjoying these magnificent beach views and take some pictures of it. And if you adore all that rocks and cliffs, this place will steal your heart forever.


4. Beautiful Sagrada Familia in Spain


Sagrada Familia is a Catholic church built in Barcelona, Spain, by Antoni Gaudi’s design and being his best work. Its columns almost resemble trees with their branches high above your head. Every detail of each and every part of this basilica is highly elaborate and very artistic.

Your must-do is to spend some time in Sagrada Familia. This masterpiece can’t leave your soul untouched but fills you with visual pleasure and inner peace.

5. Iconic Grand Canal in Italy

Situated on 118 islands Venice has numerous lovely canals with The Grand Canal as the loveliest and most famous of all them. The width of this enchanting waterway is about three hundred feet and its capacity is at least six thousand boats.

Your must-do is to take a boat ride through The Grand Canal. This trip will give you the only opportunity to view the grand architecture of the City of Water and will impress you with its style.


6. Impressive Gorges du Verdon in Southeastern France

Located in Southeastern France, the Gorges du Verdon is a place that will mesmerize you with its unreal beauty from the first sight. We thank the River Verdon for this piece of natural art of at least 25-kilometer length that runs through the two-thousand-foot high mountains.

Your must-do is to canoe through numerous rapids of the Gorges du Verdon. You will fall in love with its turquoise-to white water and green-coated sides. Definitely, this gorge is gorgeous!

7. Breathtaking Cliffs of Mohe in Ireland

If you visit Ireland, go straight to its west coast. There, in County Clare, you will see breathtaking views of the Cliffs of Moher. The slope of its rugged cliffs is almost vertical and they rise from the Atlantic Ocean for nine miles.

Your must-do is to meditate over the beauty of the nature contemplating the magnificent four-hundred-foot long Cliffs of Moher. We promise you will get one of the most long-lasting memories in your life!thanks

8. Relaxation power of the Blue Lagoon in Southwest Iceland

Reykjanes Peninsula outshines all spa facilities with its Blue Lagoon. The color of this lagoon water is so azure that even the sky envies it. The volcanic lava, which the region is famous for, acts as a water heater. And mineral composition of the lagoon water acts as a remedy for your health.

Your must-do is to relax in this naturally created but man-crafted spa enjoying views and being gently wrapped with its warm and rich in minerals waters.

9. Picturesque Preikestolen in Norway

The landscapes of Norway get you stunned with its beauty. But Preikestolen or The Pulpit Rocks as it is also called, a giant steep cliff, is the most stunning. With its flat 8-square-foot top, it looks like it was deliberately carved by some mythic ancestors.

Your must-do is to take picture of yourself staying or jumping on Preikestolen with a picturesque background of amazing Lysefjord.


10. Stunning Gásadalur on Faroe Islands

On Faroe Islands, there is a village Gásadalur. Here you can discover the most beautiful waterfall in Europe. The Gásadalur Waterfall or the Múlafossur fall, which is the same. It offers the primeval beauty of its scenery with its strong power of nature and peace coming from isolation and numerous seabirds flying near it.

Your must-do is to forget the urban bustle and plunge into the beauty of the Mother Nature with its breathtaking landscapes.




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