Top 10 Places To Visit Before You Die

1.Manali (Himachal Pradesh, India)

Starting the list off with a place thavt is really close to every Indian’s heart, not because of the scintillating beauty that this place offers but because it has something for everyone that makes this place less of a destination and more of a home. The Rohtang Pass, located on the Pir Pinjal Range of the Himalayas offers the most beautiful mountain views in the world. There is provision for the thrill-seeking adventurous wanderers to go skiing, trekking and even mountain biking to get the true essence of this majestic yet rustic land. The incredible architecture of the Naggar Castle is a perfect blend of European and Himalayan culture that none can miss visiting. From the snow-clad Solang Valley to the ancient cave of Hidimba Devi Temple, from the sumptuous green pastures of Manali Sanctuary to the otherworldly beauty of hot sulfur springs. Manali is literally a quaint little place that exudes such exotic charm that no other place ever can.

2.Memphis (Egypt)

The world knows of the Giza pyramids but this capital city of the Old Kingdom still remains one of the favourite destinations to visit for history enthusiasts like you. This 5000 years old city is the home to the country’s some of the most ancient remaining wonders like that of a monumental statue of Ramses and also the historic sphinx weighing at a glorious eighty tons. This World Heritage Site enjoys an “open-air museum” status and truly deserves a visit as soon as possible because of very little remains of this city, also known as the seat of their God Ptah.

3.The Great Barrier Reef (Australia)​

The world’s largest coral reef ecosystem is probably the finest expression of nature on Earth. It is the world’s largest single structure made of living organisms that is visible from the outer space. The awe inspiring bio diverse environment has made the reef secure UNESCO World Heritage status. I can bet that there exists no greater joy than being able to dive right into the warm salty tropical water of the Great Barrier Reef amidst the myriad of colourful fishes and corals. If this did not convince you to visit the place then there are 900 breathtakingly beautiful islands paired with the purest of white sand beaches to compel you to book your next vacation here. And oh! While you’re at it do not forget the thrilling experiences of snorkelling at the Daintree Rainforest, kayaking and canyoning. Tired much? Spend the night stargazing from your own sweet ‘swag-bag’.

4.The Grand Canyon(United States Of America)

This powerful structure which is believed to have been carved out by the Colorado River since the last 6 million years is a landmark so unique that attracts millions of travellers from across the world every year. One of the natural seven wonders of the world in the desert of northern Arizona provides for a Skywalk. This is located on the Hualapai Indian Reservation at Grand Canyon West which is situated 4000 feet above the canyon floor. The 4800 archaeological sites make this place rich in history. This place abundant with wildlife and stunning waterfalls will open up endless opportunities for thirsty globetrotters. No words, however, can sum up the vastness of 1,217,403 acres of mesmerizing beauty.

5.Venice (Italy)

 This is probably the most obvious one in the list but this destination truly deserves that every ounce of glory it receives. This old town, also known as the “Floating City” is an archipelago of 118 islands connected with numerous canals and bridges. The intricate Venetian Gothic architecture which is an amalgamation of Byzantine and Ottoman culture made this place a UNESCO World Heritage Site since 1987. It also houses several opera houses, Teatro La Fenice- also known as “ The Phoenix” the most prominent one, which will let you enjoy the famous works of Verdi and Puccini. If all that was not enough then fun bright painted island of Burano and serene golden island of Lido do the rest of the convincing. If not for anything else, be here for their mouth-watering authentic cuisine, specially in seafood.

6. City of Tromso (Norway)

The main attraction behind visiting this place is the chance of chasing the magnificent polar light or the Aurora Borealis. Besides witnessing the most unusual phenomenon, you can stand in the “air” on a boulder which stands 984 metre high mountain crevice. You certainly cannot miss the capital city of Oslo which consists of iconic places like City Hall, Akershus Fortress and Vigeland Sculpture Park , Munch Museum, Ice Bar and many more. Norway is place where collides two world, traditional and modern. Norway gifts experiences of the midnight sun and enthralling views of Middle age Churches. The list is endless but do you need to even need more reasons to be in the “happiest country” of the world?

7.Santorini (Greece)

There’s probably no place in this world with such unparalleled beauty that no words of praise can suffice unless you are present there in flesh to bask in all that splendour. This volcanic Greek island with whitewashed buildings set against vibrant blue skies provides for the best sunset views in the whole world. The golden and amber haze reflecting on the galore of sea beaches will awaken every sense of your body,mind and soul. Ranging from the ancient ruins to beautiful landscapes, Santorini has it all. Last but not the least, you will be spoilt for choices among the numbers of vast wineries and plethora of tavern-style eateries. It indeed is the most stunning and dramatic destinations of all times.

8.Machu Picchu (Peru)

The amazing Inca Ruins should make to the top of your priority list mainly cause of the mind-blowing architecture that shows the engineering genius and precision of the Incas. This landscape which stands at 2,430 meters amidst towering or “sacred” peaks gifts us a little bit of land in the clouds. The mysterious history of the place and the rich cultural blend of Andean traditions with Peruvian Culture lends an unique warmth to the place and its people. The memorable Inca Trail trek is an exhilarating experience of discovering something so new and breathtaking in every aspect possible



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