Top 10 Cleanest State in Nigeria

When talking about the cleanest state in Nigeria, you will accept with me that they are some states that are better than others. Nigerian is changing and some state is performing more better than others.

However, this is because other states are investing  while others are not. Besides, it might also be that state allocation is higher than others.

For whatsoever you might be thinking, I am here to tell you the fact.

Many people have attributed this country a dum, but I don’t think you are among them.

The fact is that most of the cleanest states in Nigeria are richer than others and they love investing in their growth.

Another reason will also be that they have good leadership than other states in Nigeria. However, this has made some states in Nigeria 10 times better than others in terms of cleanliness.

If you have traveled around the country as I do, then you will accept with me that the list is fact.

Below is a list of the ten most environmentally friendly countries in Nigeria that can live healthily this year 2020.


Abuja is the capital of Nigeria and tops our list of cleanliness. The city and its state as a whole are considered to be one of the most developed urban areas in Nigeria. If you don’t get a chance to find a good pace, you will find that development, including roads and structures, has been considered and planned. No wonder that Abuja is extremely valued and encounters disturbing degrees of movement.

Abuja is also the nation’s seat of power, and top government agencies live in this capital. This also makes it a top cleanliness target. Regardless of whether it is a home or a vacation spot, Abuja offers a number of regular views and standard developments. These company locations include the Silverbird Cinema and Millennium Park as well as the renowned Jabi Lake.

 Akwa Ibom State

Akwa Ibom is also another neat state in Nigeria, located in the south-south region of the country. The state is currently the highest oil and gas producing country in Nigeria. The capital of Akwa Ibom is Uyo and is described in many corners as the most beautiful city in Nigeria. Uyo, the state capital, is an important place with a lot to see.

The tranquility and order of the city of Uyo is one of the main attractions for residents, visitors and foreigners. Despite the fact that the typical cost of basic food in Uyo is very high, many would not be upset about the city’s safety. Uyo has a low misconduct and emergency rate.

However, with an expanded level of infrastructure development and human improvement, the state is certainly a place that deserves special attention. Areas of interest in Uyo include: The Ibom Le Meridien Ibom Hotel and Golf Resort, the Ibom Tropicana Resort with the world-class stadium.

 Cross River State

Cross River is located in southeastern Nigeria. The state is host to and home to various visitor attractions, including the Obudu Cattle Ranch and Tinapa Resort, coordinated games, an organized trade zone, a seaport, and an airport. It mixes this with its neatness and order. Many praise that the increased order in the state capital is maintained by everyone.

Another appreciation for Calabar is the variety of delicious indulgences, the excellent design and the celebrations, for example the Calabar Carnival, which takes place every year and is called Africa’s largest street party.

Different lively social ensembles are shown here in Cross River. For a trip to Nigeria, where you have to experience the perfect indigenous life, Calabar is an absolute necessity.

 Enugu State

Enugu is mainly referred to as “coal city”. This is due to the mining exercises in the state. Enugu is located in southeastern Nigeria. Enugu, the state capital, has great street arrangements, as well as state-of-the-art structures, buildings and shopping centers, which adds to its neatness.

Enugu is marketed in depth and is considered one of the most experienced urban regions. Enugu is also loved by numerous individuals for its prominent vacation destinations, including the Iva Valley (coal mine), the popular Nmanwu Culture Festival, and the state-run Nike Holiday Resort.

 Lagos State

The state of Lagos is one of the busiest states in the country and the smallest in area. It is obviously the economic capital of Nigeria and also the nation’s business center.

However, Lagos has clean urban areas such as Ikeja, Victoria Island and so on. The capital, which maintains a cool, peaceful state and offers first-class structures such as shopping centers and state reservation zones, is a place to live or visit. All of this makes the state one of the cleanest in the country.

 Imo State

This is another condition to look out for in terms of cleanliness. Owerri, the state capital, is regularly referred to as the redirected capital of Nigeria because of its serenity. This is a result of the proximity of choice and the extensive accommodations, main streets, clubs and other prime living spaces to relax. All of this gives him a calm and peaceful view, which makes it one of the most beautiful in Nigeria.

 Ondo State

Akure, the state capital, is known for its shared splendor and landscape, geography and plenty of space in which nature and even people can relax. This makes the state one of the cleanest in Nigeria.

Akure has also made progress that is essential to improve the status of the entire state.

 Kaduna State

The state of Kaduna is in the north of the country. Kaduna is not only a perfect city that is fully equipped with first-class structures, but also a protected place to live and visit in Northern Nigeria.

 Delta State

As a country rich in oil assets, it sees environmental security as a priority and sanitation as a need to solve the difficulties of the troubled oil and gas industry. It sees positive effects on the state in this direction, which makes the Delta state one of the cleanest states in Nigeria.

 Rivers State

The cities of Port Harcourt and Bonny Island, which are also considered to be one of the cleanest states in Nigeria, are characterized by their cleanliness. The latter, an inland island, is located in the southern part of the state. Various global oil organizations are located on Bonny Island, including Royal Dutch Shell, Mobil, Chevron, Agip and Elf.

The island of Bonny is also surrounded on its west and south sides by extensive coastlines. This is a major source of the vacation destination. Towards the end of the year, these coasts have jamborees by the sea. There is also the Finima Nature Park, another holiday destination on the island. It is close to the city of Port Harcourt, the state capital.

Port Harcourt is also home to numerous companies and is perhaps the richest city in Nigeria. Port Harcourt offers great views of developments and great roads.










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