Top 10 awesome home remedies to make your hair grow fast naturally


Who doesn’t dream about healthy hair? Women who wish their hair to be long and strong in order to enjoy various hairstyles should learn how to grow hair faster. There are simple home remedies you can easily use to get an incredible natural effect that lasts for a long time and allows you achieving your main goal.

Hair Growth
Human hair grows all the time, however, sometimes it can grow faster and sometimes it grows extremely slowly. Hair can get too thin over time. We can experience excess hair loss when we are ill, when women are pregnant and breastfeeding or when a person goes through stress or dangerous diseases.

Human hair is affected by chemicals contained in hair products, heating tools, hormonal imbalance and other situations. If your hair really suffers (it is simple to notice because it loses its shine, falls or stops growing), it is required to ‘cure’ it. Learn some amazing facts on hair growth with the use of simple yet affordable home remedies.

In this post, there comes an awesome list of some of the most widespread and amusing home remedies for natural hair growth and self-restoring.

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Top 10 tips on how to make your Hair grow fast
All the coolest and must-know-about 10 methods on how to grow hair faster naturally can save nerves and time for many of us who are tired of dealing with hair loss and lost shine.

Natural home remedies are available right in your kitchen. Each one is harmless for you, and they will make your hair shining and healthy again. Just give it a try and find your best method for making your hair grow fast. You will love the results.

Method 1: How to Grow Natural Hair with Oil & Massage
Have you ever given your head a good scalp massage? It is a perfect home method for hair growth, because by massaging you also positively influence blood circulation in your scalp and stimulate your own hair for growing.

Experts say that even 5-minute daily massage can do a miracle. Therefore, either use a special head massage tool or your own fingers to gently pressure head under hair and stimulate hair growth.

Besides, you can make special ‘oil massage’ one time per week. Heat a little bit of oil (coconut is the best choice, but olive also works great) and gently massage oil into your scalp. Afterwards, put on a towel or a cap and leave oil in your hair for 30-40 minutes.

You are advised to wash your head after this procedure to remove oil, or your hair will be too oily and dirty looking.

Method 2: How to Grow Hair Faster Naturally with Rosemary
Treating your hair with herbs is a good idea. Some plants possess incredible natural powers to make your hair stronger and healthier, as the result it will start growing much quicker than before. For example, take a closer look at rosemary.

This plant has many natural vitamins for your hair. It will ‘feed’ it with antioxidants, silica and sulfur. All these elements will make your roots much stronger and remove dandruff effect. Many follicles are kept blocked in your head, they need to be unblocked and this is what herbs can help with.

Before you learn how to apply rosemary for natural hair treatment, you should keep in mind that being one of the most popular home remedies; this method might also turn the color a bit darker.

Here is how you should use it:

Step 1. You only need a couple of rosemary oil drops. There is no need to get a fresh plant, since you have to search for oil instead. Take a small cup (or toy-size plate), add 2 tablespoon of oil (it can be coconut or olive oil) and mix with 2 rosemary oil drops.

Step 2. Massage your nice mixture into the hair roots and leave like this for a while (30 minutes is more than enough).

Step 3. Now take a pot and add warm water. Add a couple of rosemary drops into this water and mix it. After you wash your hair, you should rinse it with this mixture.

Step 4. Repeat this procedure every week to achieve the desired effect of quicker hair growth.

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Method 3: Eggs and Better Hair Growth
Chicken eggs are an incredible natural home remedy for human hair. They are rich in protein and offer nice effect if applied periodically.

It is great if you eat eggs, but it is even better for your hair to be treated with eggs directly. There are two different ways you can use them:

The first one is to mix the yolk with olive / coconut oil and massage into the scalp.
The second one is to mix egg with yogurt / mayonnaise (with a whisker or via blender) and add as hair mask.
It does not matter which method you use, just leave the mixture in your hair for 20-30 minutes. Wash your hair with water and shampoo afterwards.

Method 4: Lemon Home Remedies for Your Hair
Lemon is a wonderful fruit. It contains so many vitamins (C, B-group). It has antioxidants and folic acids. All these elements can be great for your hair, so using juice from lemons as home remedies for faster hair growth is a perfect solution.

You can take a fresh lemon and squish it to get some juice. Add one tablespoon of this juice into a cup and pour two more tablespoons of oil (olive, coconut or other type). Massage the oil-lemon juice into your hair roots and let it be like this for half an hour. Wash your head and repeat this procedure once or twice a week.

P.S. Unlike rosemary herb that can make your hair darker, using lemon juice can cause an opposite effect and lighten your natural color.

Method 5: Castor Oil for Quicker Hair Growth
Different oils have different properties. For example, castor oil contains vitamin E along with some very useful fatty acid omega-9. Humans need these vitamins, and your hair will be happy if it gets some of castor oil treatment.

By the way, this particular guide below can help you deal with various scalp health issues as well as growing your hair faster:

Step 1. Find a tiny plate and add a tablespoon of coconut or olive oil and a tablespoon of castor oil. Mix them together and massage into your roots. Let the oil stay on your scalp for approximately half an hour or even forty minutes.

Step 2. Remove the oil by washing your hair.

Method 6: Coconuts milk & Hair Growth
While regular milk will not do much for your hair, using coconut milk can be beneficial to your scalp. This natural product is very useful because it is rich in multiple vitamins. For example, coconut juice offers vitamin C, B and E. Besides, it contains minerals that can have a miraculous effect on a quicker hair growth.

Use the coconut milk alone or mix it with coconut oil (for even better effect) and massage into your scalp. Just like you do with other types of mixtures, you need to live it this way for 30-40 minutes before rinsing with regular water and applying shampoo.

It is great if you can add the coconut milk mask 3-4 times a month. Your hair will get the useful elements and vitamins, become stronger, healthier, and grow faster.

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Method 7: Apple Cider Vinegar for Natural Hair Growth
Adding a little bit (up to 100 milliliters) of apple cider vinegar into a liter of water can help you create a natural treatment for your hair. There is no need to make a mask or massage this mixture into the roots.

Just wash your hair like you would normally do, and on the last rinse, use this mixture with apple cider vinegar. There is no need of rinsing it again with regular water.

You can rinse hair following this method on your every hair wash. This way you will make the hair cleaner, stronger and help it grow quicker.

Method 8: Fish Oil for Healthier Hair
Fish should be on your table a couple of time a week. This is the best natural source of Omega-3 needed by our body, skin and hair. This fatty acid adds more health. It can influence your hair to grow faster, this is why eating fish or taking fish oil vitamins as daily supplements for 1-2 months is necessary.

Fish oil will ‘feed’ all your body systems with Omega-3, and you will notice how your skin improves, your nails become better and your hair starts growing quicker after a while.

Try a diet with fish and its supplements and see the difference in a month.

Method 9: Longer Hair with Aloe Vera Treatment
Do you grow aloe in your home? You can use aloe leaf to get aloe vera gel. It is easy to receive it, as you just need to cut the leaves to get to the gel that is located inside.

This plant is really awesome to have at home because it helps with different things, including your hair. Rub the natural aloe gel into your hair roots and leave this ‘mask’ for 50-60 minutes. Wash it afterwards and repeat such treatment twice a week.

Method 10: Onions for Healthy Hair Growth
It might sound weird, but you can try adding onion juice into your hair. Just remember that onions can make you cry, so take care of your eyes when you take a red onion and peel it, cut into small pieces and start squeezing its juice.

Use a piece of clothing or cotton balls to apply your fresh onion juice into your hair roots. Do not pay attention to the smell, because onions can lead to nice overall effect after some time. Leave the ‘onion mask’ for 10-15 minutes and wash it away from your hair.

Onion juice helps to add volume to your hairstyle because you will have more hairs after regular procedures.

These are the most popular and affordable 10 methods for how to grow hair faster with home remedies.

Most of these products are available in your kitchen or at the closest shop, so anyone who really wants to improve the quality of his or her hair can use one or more of these natural masks, tips and advice on a regular basis.


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