Tips in passing SAT Examination

An exam is considered a test of knowledge and acquisition of skills that one procured during a particular stage in life. The tension and panic that comes with an examination causes more failure than the actual exam.

SAT formerly known as scholastic aptitude test but currently scholarship assessment test is a standardized test widely used by colleges to assess the common academic level of students and their readiness.
The test is noted to be a 3 hours long paper- pencil test. It has four sections – Reading; Writing and Language; Mathematics (no calculator). Highest SAT Score is 1600 while the Average SAT Score is 1060.

In other to excel in this test, various procedures should be taken judiciously.

Steps to pass SAT examination

• Registration

This is the first time to any successful exam, go to the college board and register for the examination. Students are advised to put a location close to them to avoid stress and distance barriers during exam.

• Prior knowledge

Enquiries about the examination should be made, the subjects to expect, the mode the questions are asked and how the scores are graded. With this one can be able to readily prepare for an examination with courage.

• Answer every question

In SAT exam, no answer is wrong. Attempt all questions to the best of your knowledge. An answer has a point because it is believed that you are applying all given skills.

• Chose the order of answering

Place the order you want to answer your questions. First of all tackle the ones your perfectly sure of their answers, then gradually attempt the ones you have a shady knowledge of.
This will enable you to be fast and accurate enough.

• Slow down

Take your time, look at every question carefully before attempting it. Do not rush your answers, gradually and neatly state tournament point that is been made. Understand the question properly before attempting the answer.

• Cross check

A review of your answers should be done. Read the questions and answers as long as it takes. Go back and cross check over again.

• Write in answer booklet

The answers that you intend to give should be in the answer booklet. After solving a mathematical equations, enable to pen down the answers in the answer booklet. There is no score if the answer isn’t found in d answer booklet.

• Don’t give your opinion

An importance notice, your opinion is not needed, vet the question before you and criticize the writer and not recommend your opinion.

• Don’t second guess yourself

Don’t doubt the answers you gave, it’s correct unless you are supper sure that the answer give by you is totally wrong
Develop confidence and courage while going for an exam, it can make you to have a strong will of everything you wrote.

The SAT exam is a nice assessment test for undergraduate students, over the years, individuals has ventured into it to better their academic career.

Note that calculators isn’t allowed during the SAT exam because the college’s wants to test the students length of knowledge.



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