Things you must consider before marrying an igbo girl.

Things you must consider before marrying an igbo girl.

Things you must consider before marrying an igbo girl.

If you are a tourist stepping on the shores of nigeria for the first time, then there is the likelihood that one or two of the girls that would draw your attraction would be igbo. This is because ladies from this major tribe in nigeria are beautiful and attractive with their fair and silky skin. They are rare gems and real beauty to behold. Igbo girls are found in almost every part of the world; they are unique and have diverse characteristics and traits. If you are considering marrying one, then you are lucky.

You can be sure you are marrying a girl that has added value when it comes to cooking. They most times make good mothers and wives; there is hardly a dull moment with them because they are chatty and humorous.
All these being said, there are certain things you need to know before you decide to go marry an igbo girl; this would help you get the best of the relationship. Getting to know what you stand to gain and lose before venturing into a business will no doubt allow you to know how viable the business is. Same goes with marrying an igbo girl.
This has little to do with the huge bride price you will have to pay before you claim your wife.

Paying a fortune to marry an igbo girl will no doubt teach you how to love and respect her when you remember how much you invested before you were able to marry her.
Now find on the next page some of the other things you need to know before marrying an igbo girl

her family members will always visit

if you value your space a lot, then it would be better for you to reconsider before marrying an igbo girl, there is absolutely nothing like ‘me and my wife’ once you marry her. Her family members would always visit and the house will always be full.

This has both the good and bad sides, you may spend more seeing to their affair while playing the perfect in-law but you can be sure it would be fun all the way. This would make your wife happy and more contented.

You will have to give up on eating outside

if you are the type that enjoys having an away game (eating outside and patronizing food vendors), you can be sure this would change. Marrying an igbo girl means you will always have food on the table provided you drop money for her to make it.

They are excellent cooks who would help you lose your much cherished six packs with delicious meals and veggies. They love experimenting with food and would make you taste all the leaves that could be made into soups with time. What else are you looking for?

She will raise your children with love and teach them their language

If you marry an igbo girl, you can be sure that your children would pick her language whether you like it or not. They would raise them with love and instill the right values and morals into them.  They value their culture a lot and would make sure they pass something from it onto their children, your children. But this should not bother you anyway, that means your children would be able to speak more than one language.

She will take care of you with love
igbo girls are hardworking and industrious, they would help you manage your resources and give you their all while at it. Most of them understand that it is the role of the man to fend for the family; they will support you while you do this and manage your empire for you.

In cases where they pick up jobs, you can be sure they will support you with it. They are well cultured and display good characters.

If you cheat on them you are dead
okay, calm down. They may not kill you physically but you can be sure that they will make your life and that of your missus hell. If you want to marry an igbo girl then you should know that as subtle and sweet as they are, they could be highly venomous when pushed and taken for granted.           They are not ladies who would watch and fold their hands while you cheat on them. They would confront you and your lover with their findings and would deal with you both. Therefore, learn to love them in totality and avoid cheating on them.



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    I think the only thing to consider before marrying and Igbo girl should be love and your peace of mind.
    All others are just unnecessary conditions that keep people from pursuing what they think is best for them.
    Igbo girls and their tradition ain’t that bad

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