Things wise people don’t do

However, attaining the WISE ONE STATUS doesn’t come free. One would have had experience and instances.

He would have made mistakes, see others make mistakes, and learn from his mistakes and that of others.

It takes deep thinking, some do’s and don’ts before one can become a wise person.

If you want to understand life better and live a simplified life, stop doing these 16 things wise people don’t do.

1. They Never Rely Heavily On Others

Wise people don’t rely much on people, it’s not that they don’t trust people, but because they are wise enough to understand the fact that people will always be people.

They entrust people with things and expect disappointment just as they expect satisfaction.

2. They Don’t Think Much About Their Mistakes

They know mistakes to be part of life, instead of making another mistake by wasting time thinking about their errors, they think of something else – something productive.

3. They Don’t Allow Their Past Stop Them From Moving Forwar

We all have ugly past or at least a bitter experience in the past. Instead of getting stuck in your past – move out if it, seek help from people who can help your life.

Wise people don’t live in the past.

4. They Don’t Act Irresponsibly

It takes a conscious effort to act responsibly not at all times, but at least most times – it can be daunting.

However, you should step up your game, before doing anything, always think of its repercussion. Don’t think of today alone – REMEMBER TOMORROW

5. They Don’t Rely Much On Luck

Wise people, unlikely other people seldom waiting for heavens to smile on them, they believe on the law of cause and effect.

They know that to see change, there must be a change in movement

6. They Don’t Ignore The Details

If you observant of wise people, you’ll notice that they tend to note the little but vital things, most people don’t care to. They simple take it upon themselve to learn little things that seem insignificant to other – that is what make them unique.

7. They Don’t Fail To Learn From Their Mistakes

After coming to terms that mistakes are part of life, wise people never fail to pick the lessons their mistakes taught them.

In fact, part of the qualities that made them wise, is their ability to know and remember vividly, where they once failed and the cause of their failure.

8. They Don’t Give Up On Themselves Even When Others Don’t Agree

Wise people understand and respect themselves more than an average person do.

They believe in their ideas – even if it sound stupid to people. They hold on to their vision and try as much as possible to bring them to life.

9. They Don’t Think Of The Present Moment Alone

Wise people are cognizant of their current actions. They think well before making statement, that is why most wise people tend to speak less than more people.

They try as much as possible not to say or do things that might implicate them at future dates.

10. They Don’t Waste Resources

Wise people know the importance of things – Invaluable Things. They know vividly, the difference between material things and invaluable resource. They know the things that once lost can not be recover.

They try to maximize those things as much as they could. They never let things like TIME and OPPORTUNITY slide them them without making adequate use of it.

11. They Don’t Take Unreasonable Risk

One of the things wise people are good at doing, that make them unique and special is their sense to sense when a risk is an unreasonable one. From their experiences and that of others, they are able to ascertain if a risk is a good one or an unreasonable one.

12. They Don’t Follow Crowd

Aside from fast tracking your way of becoming a wise person, not following the crowd will help you discover who you are.

It will lead you to the realm where you will meet the YOU.

If you don’t follow the crowd, you will have time for yourself and be able to hear your inner voice telling you how to get better in life.

13. They Don’t Think Too Much Of Themselves

Unlike most people who became arrogant or lose their real sense of reasoning, because of what they have acquired, wise people know that they can be foolish at times, they are wise enough to listen to advice and take not too much of themselve.

14. They Don’t Make Unnecessary Enemies

Wise people understand that people are different and respond to treatment differently, they learn to deal with people, irrespectively of their current class.

Wise people don’t shut doors. Even when they need to block people out, they close the door gently just in case they want to reach out for help sometimes in the future.

15. They Don’t Put All Their Resources Into One Place

Be it money, trust, effort or energy, from their experience, wise people have learnt overtime not to put their eggs in a basket. They never store their gains in one place – they diversify.

16. They Don’t Fail To Take Charge Of Their Life

Wise people know that they are solely responsible for their life, they never fail to take actions that’ll improve the quality of their life and progress.



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