Things to know about fibroid

When I was diagnosed with uterine fibroid, it was a difficult decision for me to accept to undergo surgery to have the fibroid removed. “I got married at 30, my husband and I tried our best to get pregnant after 2 years of effort, I got pregnant afterwards andfed had my gybaby at 32”. Cool right?
But I lost my child a year after…
My husband and I tried to get pregnant again, but without success. “A year after the death of our child, I noticed that I was bleeding heavily. I went to Dubai, had series of checkups and tests before I got to know that I had fibroid” i was told that i had to undergo surgery for the removal of the fibroid.
I opted to return to Nigeria and kept postponing the surgery because the reviews of surgery is very scary and not promising. The pressure from my husband’s family didn’t relieve the stress, the workload from work just kept increasing, I cried a lot. “The bleeding continued and I was constantly anaemic and dizzy with no one to help me (since I am an orphan) my husband is not always at home mostly on a business trip, I knew I had to go for the surgery since my health condition was getting disturbing.”
But I didn’t have the courage for fibroid removal surgery called Myomectomy that allows the uterus to be left in place without losing function and for some women, I’ve once read that the FDA warned against the use of power morcellators for most women, {A power morcellator is a surgical instrument used in less-invasive abdominal procedures such as laparoscopic hysterectomies and fibroid removal, Surgeons use them mainly during gynecological procedures such as a laparoscopic hysterectomy(removal of the uterus) and myomectomy(fibroid removal)}, this is because uterine tissue may contain undiagnosed cancer, while breaking up the uterine tissue, power morcellators can spread an undiagnosed cancer to other parts of the body without your doctor knowing it, the doctor had warned that if after the surgery I did not get pregnant soon after, the fibroid would recur.
And I had been trying to get pregnant without success.
Myomectomy is obviously not an easy surgery. Aside the pains one undergo, there is high tendency that it will be complicated and the complications are not easy to deal with.
The complications of the surgery include;
The possibility of significant blood loss leading to a blood transfusion and for my case my blood group is AB- which is quite rare, the risk of adhesion or scar formation around the uterus or within its cavity, and the possible need later to deliver via caesarean section, Incision into the uterus to remove fibroid may lead to bands of scar tissue that can eventually develop after surgery.
What’s the assurance that I would get pregnant after the surgery??
There was a greater chance of me even not getting pregnant more likely than before.
The more I thought about my problems the more I realized that things weren’t getting better for me, I was already on forced leave from work, my in-laws have moved in to pressure me and they were even advising my husband to get a new wife (my marriage was on decline) but I didn’t give up, told myself that I would survive that this is just a passing ordeal. I kept searching for drugs, medications, home remedies, herbal concoctions that could help me but all were futile cause none worked, even though I didn’t want surgery I still couldn’t stop the bleeding, couldn’t get pregnant, and didn’t get my life back.
Precisely five years after the losing my baby, suffering from fibroid, A friend of mine and also a colleague introduced me to a drug which she saw on a site that was different from the others she had seen before and I’ve taken before. She said that what they were offering was a drug that was 100% natural remedy to fibroid with Zero side effects (exactly what I was searching for), and there were so many testimonies of people who had used the natural products and had gotten permanent results, she told me this but I was skeptical at first as I thought it was too good to be true and I said that maybe the testimonies were fabricated. As someone who has searched here and there for five years I just couldn’t believe my ears and my friend. She told me she didn’t think it was fabricated so as some of the people who had gotten rid of fibroid permanently had even dropped their contacts to show people it was 100% real. I told her that if this was real then i would devote my life to spreading the news of the drug.
We called the most recent person who had given testimony there and what we heard from her sealed my decision to get the products. She told us how she had been through hell because of fibroid but had gotten rid of her problem permanently and now she was happily nursing her set of twin boys.
The word set of twins set me off as I told my friend that I can’t wait to get the drug. After that, I followed the instructions and when I got them, I started taking them exactly according as I was told to.



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    Fibroid is a terrible ailment.
    Can lead to a lot of complications for pregnant women

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    power morcellator is a surgical instrument used in less-invasive abdominal procedures such as laparoscopic hysterectomies and fibroid removal, Surgeons use them mainly during gynecological procedures such as a laparoscopic hysterectomy(removal of the uterus) and myomectomy(fibroid removal)

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