Things needed to know about twins

It’s widely known that identical twins have the same DNA. However, this does not necessarily mean that, in any other sense, they are biologically similar. From birth, identical twins have different fingerprints and different abdominal buttons. But as they mature, their bodies shift independently.

An example of this is the natural scent produced by every twin. A study in the Czech Republic used 12 top-class German Shepherd Police Dogs to see if dogs could tell the difference among identical twins.

Scientists took samples of two sets of identical twins and two sets of same-sex fraternal twins. The researchers then placed the samples from a single pair of twins in a pool of seven possibilities. Each time, the dog successfully matched the original scent with the corresponding twin.

As a result, scientists have concluded that the innate smell of identical twins is not the same. This could be due to environmental factors, such as infection, that could alter the odor of the organism.

2. Semi-Identical Training

The identical twins are the result of a fertilized egg splitting by half. In some cases, however, the egg can be broken before fertilization. When separate sperm fertilizes the eggs, the resulting babies are known as semi-identical twins.

Although the splitting of the egg denotes identical twins, separate fertilization would mean that the twins are fraternal. But while fraternal twins share about 50% of their DNA, semi-identical twins share about 75% of their DNA. In this case, the resulting twins are not only fraternal, but not exactly identical.

3. Mirror Twins

Approximately one-fourth of all identical twins act as mirror images of each other. The split is later than usual — about 1–2 weeks after fertilization — and they form face to face. As a result , they end up being precisely the opposite of each other.

One may be right-handed and the other is left-handed, their hair whorls twirl in opposite directions, and they may have similar birthmarks on the opposite sides of their bodies. In some rare and extreme cases, the organs and skeletal structures of the mirror twins may replicate each other.

Usually, after same-sex twins are born, their DNA is checked to tell if they are identical or fraternal. This also allows doctors to test the genetic similarity of twins. However, scientists have found that the DNA in the mirror image twins is the same. Thus, the only way to tell them apart so early is to take note of their reflective features.

4. Twins rate is going up now

Twins have become much more common in the 21st century. Between 1980 and 2003, the birth rate for twins increased by 75%.Although increased use of fertility drugs was initially thought to be the cause of such a steep increase, a preliminary study by Dr. Gary Steinman of the Long Island Jewish Medical Center in 2006 showed that women who drank cow’s milk were five times more likely to give birth to twins than their vegan counterparts.

Why concentrate on the use of milk products?

Steinman believes that people who drink cow’s milk have higher levels of IGF growth hormone because farmers use this hormone to increase milk production in their own cows. As a result, Steinman suggests that the increased IGF promotes the release of two eggs at the same time — thus a higher chance of fraternal twins.

5. The Long Lives of Twins’ Mother

Before access to birth control and infertility treatment, women who had twins naturally tended to have more children closer together in their age. This and other correlations were identified by researchers at the University of Utah in the 2011 twins study.

Using the Utah Population Database, researchers recorded maternal health records from the early 1800s to the 1970s and found that those who gave birth to twins lived longer than their counterparts who gave birth to singletons. Researchers suggested that mothers who give birth to twins naturally have stronger genes that contribute to their longer life span.

Even though having twins does not directly increase the length of a woman’s life, it can certainly serve as a marker for powerful genes. In addition, twins are believed to be evolutionary means of passing on mother’s genes twice as quickly.

6. They were born to be socialite

According to a study published in the scientific journal PLOS One, twins begin to communicate actively with each other for around 14 weeks in the womb. The twins lean into each other for warmth, essentially pressing their heads against each other and being extra careful around sensitive areas like the eyes.

Not only are these interactions serve to comfort one another, they also help twins to develop their own form of non-verbal communication. This time spent in such close contact also creates a solid foundation for that quintessential connection that all twins seem to share.

7. They were more than cousins

When the same twin pair is married to the same twin pair and both couples have children, their children are cousins. However, they are also siblings, genetically speaking.

If a scientist were to analyze each child’s DNA, the researcher would not be able to tell which couple the child belonged to, since both couples have the exact same DNA. The children are cousins because the parents are brothers and sisters.The children are cousins because the parents are brothers and sisters. However, because the parents are identical twin twins, the genetics of the children are exactly the same genetic pool. As a result, their genetics are identical in the same way that siblings have identical genetics.

Even so, this doesn’t mean that the kids should all look exactly the same. Rather, they will have the same chance of looking like each other that regular brothers — or even brotherly twins — will have.



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    The Long Lives of Twins’ Mother
    They were born to be socialites
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