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It is widely believe by so many people that money is everything in relationships as far women are concern. But i am stating today, with all boldness that money is not everything. If money was everything, then love shouldn’t have been in existence. In fact, God did not create money. Money was the idea of humans for easy transactions.

Most women who got into relationships because of money, if they can be very truthful and sincere with themselves, many of them would confess that they are not happy even though the money is at their beck and call. They may have everything that they so desire but deep down in their hearts they know that something big is missing.

Money is a very good thing though, and it is a bonus to spice up your love life. But, it shouldn’t be your main focus when going into a relationship. With that been said, i bring you ten things that attracts most women to men apart from money. These are the things women notices about you on first contact even before they will suspect whether you have money or not.

Pay Close Attention To Them Below.

1] Intelligence

Women are naturally attracted to guys who are very intelligent in whatever they do. Intelligent men are the dream men of most women out there because they know the value of such men. They know that they can build a very sound future with such men. When a guy is intelligent, making money won’t be too difficult for him. And apart from that, women also desire men that they can look up to for positive advice and also as a role model to follow.

2] Deep Voice

Most women are also attracted to guys with a very deep voice. The type that they will call on phone and their voice would sound as if it wants to blow the phone speaker. Yeah, that’s the type i am talking about. According to a reply i got from a Facebook group post concerning this very topic, majority of female said that deep voice gives them goosebumps whenever they hear it. They also said that they like the dominance feelings they get when such men talk because the sound is authoritative.

3] Dressing Sense

Of course, most women want to be able to point to their man and show him off from afar to their friends and colleagues. They can only do that with all boldness if the man is very well presentable. Being presentable does not mean that you will go and buy a shirt worth of 10,000, nope. You can starch up your old shirt and iron it with your pair of trousers very neatly and come out looking very smart…..women love it.

4] Smiles

Keeping a very bright face all the time is not only good for your health, it also shows that you are strong and confident. It is also one of those signs most women finds attractive in men. I have heard numerous women complain about how a guy they would love to be with don’t smile. And they are scared that such a guy may be dangerous so because of this they wouldn’t want to go close. Please smile when necessary and keep a bright face, women will be attracted to you.

5] Sense Of Humor.

One thing most women want in their lives after a very stressful day at work is a good laugh. If you are a guy who is filled with great sense of humor, consider yourself lucky because you will be able to woo a woman with little or no stress at all. Some women just want that massaging of feet kind of lifestyle while you make them laugh with your jokes. They wouldn’t want to leave your presence at all because they are always ready to laugh more even in the bedroom.

6] Neat Fingernails

I have always stated in some of my previous articles that most women inspects the fingernails of men. I think they believe that if a guy cannot take care of his fingernails, then he is not caring enough. Because for one to be able to show care to others, he must first of all show care to himself by trimming his fingernails. Dirty fingernails disgust most women and it’s also a sign of dirtiness.

7] Lover Of God.

It is said that a God fearing man is also a respectful man. If you are a God fearing man and you also know what’s popping in the world, like the girl i interviewed some times back would say ” A God Fearing Man With Swag”, you are also a dream man for most women out there. Most girls don’t like a situation where the fear you have for God will make you not do some certain things, especially in the other room. They detest it so much. They desire guys who loves God and still know how to give them what they want even on a Sunday morning, if you know what i mean?

8] Good Cook.

Most women just love guys who are good in what the society perceived as women shores. If you are a guy and you can make some delicious food, consider yourself lucky because you are a dream man for most women out there. I mean, it is advisable for guys to learn how to cook because they may be of help in the kitchen if the woman fall sick or not around. Even if she is around and healthy, it should be fun and romantic for a man to wear that apron and do justice to some ingredients in the kitchen some times; it wouldn’t hurt you know?

9] Muscular.

It is no longer news that some women out there prefer their men muscular. Some even register their men in gym classes or buy gymnastic equipment just for their men to look broad. According to some group of women i interviewed, they told me that they feel more secure being around men who are muscular. Some even said that they like showing off with muscular men to scare other guys who may want to trespass their lanes off.

10] Manner Of Approach

The last on my list is manner of approach. How do you approach people you are just meeting for the first time, people like Waitresses and Gatemen? How do you talk to them? Do you disrespect them because you feel they are beneath you? It may be in your workplace or social circle, it does not matter. The way some guys approach others chases women out of their lives. Some guys approach people with so much arrogance and pride as if the world is revolving around them. This is not what most women want. They desire men who may appear tough but very calm in dealing with calm situations.



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