The secrets of illuminati

Their mystery gives them power and makes them seem cool and the main reason they’re still around today is deeply in embedded in human nature, as we constantly look for patterns in everything which is essential for our survival the penalties on seeing a pattern where nothing exists is much lighter than missing a pattern that’s really there.

With that said, let’s dive in and see the 12 things you didn’t know about the illuminati

1) The Illuminati Has Been Around For Over 250 Years:

This secret society never completely disappeared from pop culture, it’s always been in the back of our minds every since it’s inception.

But in the mid-1970s the illuminati made a startling come back in the form of a literary trilogy that also gave it the spooky and funny image it still holds today.

2) The Illuminati Didn’t Always Have The Reputation Of An Evil Oppressive Entity:

Some reports say that even though the illuminati gathered in secrecy away from the worlds prying eyes to perform bizarre rituals,

they also encouraged a worldview that reflected enlightened ideas such as rational thought and self rule which is why in the past they were closer to revolutionaries supporting their efforts rather than siding with ruling monarchs,church officials and leaders who are to continue their indulgence in luxury at the expense of everyone else.

3) The Illuminati Failed In Conquering The World:

when it comes to being influential, historians tend to think the illuminati were only mildly successful, though of course there are also those who believe in the illuminati successfully took over the world and they are still in control today.

If an all powerful group does dominate the world we probably wouldn’t know about it. It’s also difficult to untangle the success of the illuminati from that of the freemasons which they infiltrated and merged with. It’s just as though to tell what influence the illuminati actually had as opposed to the influence people think they have.

4) Ruler Of Bavaria Banned The Illuminati:

Being in a secret society makes you feel kind of cool with a deep feeling of belonging.

However, some members of these kinds of societies couldn’t keep it to themselves and their boasting got everyone in trouble with the ruling class. In 1785, Duke of Bavaria Carl Theodore band secret society including the illuminati and instituted serious punishments for anyone who join them. Most to the group’s secrets were disclosed or published and if you believe most historians, the illuminati disappeared.

5) The Illuminati Are Heavily Referenced In Lara Croft:

The secret society has provided Hollywood with a lot of material for occult and esoteric symbolism to reference in movies. Lara Croft is one such film which relies heavily on the mentions related to the illuminati;

Just half an hour and did the movie, Lara reads a note from her deceased father which says “the world will be in great danger with a secret society known as the illuminati, devious dangerous man who seek to fulfill an ancient prophecy”.

The movie is stacked with illuminati Easter eggs for the keen-eyed conspiracy buffs to hunt down.

6) The Illuminati Did Not Accept A Weak Minded Members In Their Ranks:

Everyone allegedly in the illuminati had high intellect and they held positions of power in society with a lot of prestige and varying degrees of influence as a test for advancing and rang no visitors were instructed to or advancing in rank, novices were instructed to self-analyze and identify the weaker traits in their character so they could be aware of what to improve in themselves to further benefit the group.

The illuminati believe they were as weakest as the weakest member and as strong as their strongest one. Also novices had to prepare a detailed report of all the books they own as well as a list with the identity’s of their enemies

7) The Illuminati Had Over 2500 Members:

In the beginning when Adam Bicep had the idea of forming his own secret society of freethinkers, the first people that became members were his own Students.

Over the next six years, the illuminati added about 600 members to the ranks, important people in the Bavarian society such as nobleman, politicians, doctors, bankers, lawyers as well as intellectual send some leading writers including Johan Wolfgang, von Goethe and by the time the Duke of Bavaria banned secret societies, the Illuminati had increased their ranks to over 2500 members.

8) They Are Not A Religious Society:

The illuminati was founded as an anti-clerical group in opposition to the perceived jesuit oppression. It’s principles were heavily debunking superstitions and spreading enlightenment among like-minded thinker.

This did not sit well with the church and it did everything in its power to see the illuminati done for and despite its distain for religion, the Illuminati are now seen as a canonizing society that’s controlling the world from the shadows while its members are hiding in plain sight isn’t that ironic?

9) The Illuminati Was Founded The Same Year As The Declaration Of Independence

1776 is of significant importance to all Americans for being the year they declared their independence from the British Empire. However, this is also the year when the illuminati was founded.

These two factors couple together led to a number of speculated theories such as America was created by the illuminati or some or all of the founding fathers were part of the secret society along with many others because people really wanted to believe that life is more interesting than it actually is.

10) The All Seeing Eye Was Not The Symbol Of The Illuminati:

Another common misconception that’s travelled around the world is that the all seeing eye at the pyramid in the triangle is there a presentation of the illuminati.

A great example of this is on the US one dollar bill which is led many conspiracy theories to believe the group secretly controls the US government, the economy, diplomatic relations and so on. The actual symbol of the illuminati was the “Wise Owl of Athena”, the Greek goddess of wisdom and warfare.

However, the symbol suddenly change direction due to the societies frequent unfounded association with the New World order. The illuminati‘s wise owl turned into the all seeing eye as a marking of elitist oppression.

11) There Is An Illuminati Game:

Inspired by the Shady secret society, Steve Jackson had the crazy idea in the early 1980s of creating a card game entitled “Iluminatti The Card Game”.

It’s a pretty fascinating game where you have a bunch of secret societies competing with each other for world domination through various means legal, illegal and even mystical.

It requires quite a bit of skill and strategic thought, deal making and bluffing. so if it sounds exciting to you why not give it a try

12) The Founder Initially Wanted To Join The Freemasons:

When vice soft became the dean of the University of Ingolstadt, he placed a lot of opposition from the Roman catholic church whom he considered intolerant and bigoted so his solution for fighting the status quo was the secret group of like-minded thinkers.



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