The Rolls Royce fact

The ultimate status symbol, Rolls-Royce is a car that earned this title in the early 1900s and a century later it still turns heads and subtly announces that ‘sir’ or ‘madame’ has arrived. With a rich history we couldn’t hold off our temptation to entertain our readers with some incredible facts about this evergreen beauty because it truly deserves some limelight! Did you know that Hong Kong features the most number of Rolls Royce and that a mean deed from an Indian king was that he dared use the car for collecting garbage? We bring you more such eccentric tit-bits, stay woven in!

1. Most Rolls Royce products are manufactured at its factory in Indianapolis, USA
The Rolls-Royce has gradually or sporadically shifted its base from London right down to Indianapolis, Indiana. Today, the leading industry supplier in the US builds and supplies more Rolls Royce products than anywhere in the world! A 4000-strong workforce toil towards manufacturing, assembly, test, engineering and other staff support roles. Changing times, changing needs!
Rolls Royce didnt start selling cars with body work until 1946

2. Rolls Royce was only selling chassis and motor and not the whole body until 1946
We see Rolls-Royce as a homogenous brand, but did you know that up until 1946, they only sold the chassis and motor with a recommendation to use Barker & Co Ltd to build a customized body and coach? They weren’t really selling cars with the complete body work. As for Barker & Co, they were a big shot coach building company footed in London. One of their designs – The Silver Ghost is now the most valuable car in the world, weighing in at US$57 million.

3. Rolls Royce center caps do not rotate
Call it one of the anomalies or idiosyncrasies, the Rolls Royce center caps do not rotate. They’re on bearings and always stay put so they can always be seen. I don’t know about you, but I’d call it pure style.

4. The iconic Spirit of Ecstasy on the hood cannot be flicked
The front of the Rolls Royce starring the Spirit of Ecstasy – a hood unique to a Rolls Royce was prone to being flicked off its front in the early days. With the new variants, this booty hack is not quite a possibility – Thanks to the safety feature that allows the mascot to retract swiftly into the body of the car when inflicted with force. In case you wondered about the etymology of the term, it symbolizes the forbidden love affair of John Walter, editor for The Car Illustrated magazine, and his secretary, Eleanor Velasco Thorton. Sultry and saucy!

5. Only one man is entitled to paint the coach line of the Rolls Royce
We’re not alien to the fact that Rolls Royce cars display a penchant for detailing in every nook and corner. You can faithfully announce it as the epitome of meticulousness and exclusivity when you know that the coach line is painted freehand by one man only – Mark Court. No robots or machines used, mind you!

6. There are more Rolls Royce’s in Hong Kong than anywhere else in the world
Hong Kong having the most number of Rolls Royce cars per capita in the world is shaped from a factor of history. It was a British colony in the early decades and most of the British officers as well as businessmen had a Rolls Royce of their own because it was considered the ultimate status symbol. Colonization definitely had their merits for Rolls Royce, so to speak.

7. Rolls Royce has a special training program for chauffeurs
A premium car calls for a premium driving experience. The folks at Rolls Royce empathise with this fact and they’ve come up with an apt training to hone the skills of the chauffeurs for the premium cars – The Rolls Royce White Glove experience. Some of the etiquettes taught in the program include never greeting a guest with sunglasses on and never propping up the sunglasses on the head or the back of the neck when the guest is around. This and many more such etiquettes that chauffeurs tend to neglect. Keep the manners intact and be worthy of a handsome tip!



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