Real life scenario, Deborah’s Story;

My people,

How did your sleep go?

Hope it went well?

I’ve been in sifia pains since yesterday🥺

Chloe Ting’s 2 week shred workout has disorganized the arrangement of my muscles 😂😂

I’ve not even been able to sit or walk properly.

Not to talk of the headache that just ensued.🤦🏼‍♀️😵

Would I stop?

God forbid!

That summer body we find must be brought into manifest🤗😂

I don’t know about you but on Monday when I set my goals and made a plan on how to achieve them for the month of June, I told myself I’d be intentional about it.

They’d definitely be challenges you’d experience.

Obstacles you’d have to face but determination and the end result would be your driving force.

Whenever I’m working out and I remember how I want to look by July, I continue. 

Create a picture of the end result of every goal you mapped out.

If you need to pin it to your bedside wall or make them your wallpaper, there’s nothing wrong with that.

Just make it visible enough so that whenever you want to stop, it will drive you to continue.

For the imaginative ones like me, pin your pictures to your hippocampus,then access them when you encounter an obstacle that wants to make you quit.

It’s very okay to feel like quitting because of the different challenges you’ve experienced but quitting without even trying to see if you can overcome them isn’t okay.

As Stephen Redhead said,”The way you think is the driving force that fashions your world thereby governing the kind of life you live” 

Think positive, have that I can do this, I can get this, I can scale through. In general, “the I can” mentality.

Then you’d see your goals coming into manifestation poco a poco (little by little).

Baby steps they say, but a thousand miles we’d cover.

I’m not promising it would be easy but it’s not impossible!

# Deborah Chukwukwe


       So is the ist week of the month, probably you have a lot on your bucket list, this is the best time to set goals (plans) towards achieving that.

Goal setting is not a news to many though some are still finding it difficult to map out one.

Examples below might help you to set your plan up:

You might want to group your goals into categories say;


Spiritual goal:

                        To spend an hour with  God    everyday

                           To read a chapter of the bible everyday


Fitness/ health goals:

                         Exercise 3-4 days per week

                         Drink 3-4 litres of water everyday

                         Take 8 hours of night rest

                          Avoid food binging


Educational goals:

                              To read for at least 2hrs daily


You see, it is easy!

       One important thing is to make your goal realistic ( achievable), you know yourself better than any other, set a goal you can stick with and which is realizable within the map out time. As you can see from the story I shared, goal setting has gone a long way in helping my friend achieve her plan.

       One more thing, keep a daily journal, as this helps you keep track of your daily activities.





All the best!!!


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