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IRis disappears in the MirroVerse

The Flash S06E019 – What Happened To Iris And Why?


What Happen To IRiS West Allen In The Mirror Verse – The Opposite Universe – Is She Dead?


In the last episode of The Flash Season Six, Episode 19 we were all both suprised and shocked when Iris West Allen Vanished in the mirroVerse, let me explain.


What Is MirroVerse?

Mirror Verse, parallel or opposite universe as the name says it out loud is a mirro reflection of our universe, a universe where everything is the same but just like the other side of a mirror. Some properties of a mirror are; erect, virtual, behind the mirror (based on the properties of an image formed in a plane mirror – basic physics).

So A mirroVerse is basically a reflection of our Universe and this means everything is in an opposite direction or view. This messes with your head cause its used to seeing and understanding things in the right way. Look at the world while sitting upside down to get it.

Is The MirroVerse Existing In Real Life?

Its hard to say for sure cause scientists have for a long time till now been trying to prove existence of other universes specially on the muliverse theory. The multiverse theory which hypothesis states that there could be an infinite number of universes. A universe like ours where you could possibly find someone like you with a difference or two or even countless possibilities. Read More on WikiPedia…

The mirroverse hypothesis is currently the most focused on by any scientist with a dream like Leah Broussard. He is trying to open a portal to a parrallel universe by sending a beam of subatomic particle down a fifty-foot turnel past a powerfull magnet into an impenetrable wall. Read More on nbc news…

How is there still a another universe in the flash series?

I know you are probably worring and wondering how there could still be another universe other than universe prime after the Crisis on Infinite Earths event series. After all the antimonitor destroyed the multiVerse and the team managed to bring back one.

It is true that the multiverse was destoyed in DC TV Shows and Series but it does not mean that all the properties of the current universe prime is all wiped out.

Properties like how many galaxies are out there and since its just other unverses where destroyed, the effects, properties and other things like the mirroverse, 5 dimension beings in supergirl amongst other things still exist.

Does That Mean Team Flash Could still Use The Extrapulator?

Yes, as cisco battles with the loss of his powers which was very stupid of him to remove by the way. they could modify the extrapulator to travle around one universe.

So What Happened To Iris in the MirroVerse?


Now you know about mirroVerse and other parrallel universes let’s get to it. Why Iris disappeared in the Mirro Verse.

Yes she did disappear but not that she died or that she is out of existence. This is because she has been literally adapting to the mirro verse like water and coffee. This was was long comming; From the mirro dissyness to mind warping to transformation. Its all a process.

The transformation process for of a normal human being to the mirroverse. First you get dissy in this opposite universe since everything is actually in an opposite direction and your brain is only working extra hard to show you what you are used to seeing. After the dissyness your brain begins to wear out and get tired of protecting your sense of things in the real world and at this point you are becoming mirror particles.

And finally the transformation;

This is when you are able to do what eva does but not everything. At the transformation stage you should be able to move through mirrors and be a part of a mirro and that as well happened to Eva’s minions like captain Singh in the real world. The mirror reflections are all going to be normal mirrors eventually and this might probably inlude Eva Mcollics since she is a mirror image after the explosion of the particle accelerator.

In real sense Iris has become a mirro version or herself in the mirroverse and to reverse this she needs to find and compose herself together and get back to the real world.

Leave a comment if you get and wait for our post on why DC Tv Shows and Series got postponed. And an article on why Eva needs a suit to walk amongst humans in the real world


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