Ten mysteries of earth

Strange things happen in life, that’s for fact. While there may be easy explanations for some strange events, others would simply just blow the lid off any logic.

There are issues of controversies raging everyday, from alien theory to mermaids sightings and mysterious disappearances.

Consider the following 10 real life mysteries that you will find very difficult to believe:

The Curse of Tutankhamun

Tutankhamun was an ancient Egyptian pharaoh whose final resting place remained an archeological puzzle for centuries, until 1922 when it was discovered in the Valley of the Kings.

However, the men who found the tomb, as well as everyone who entered it, went on to die in very mysterious circumstances. People believed, and still do, that the men were cursed by the angry spirit of Tutankhamun.

Jack the Ripper

Jack the Ripper was a British serial killer who specialized in killing women, for whatever reasons.

From a period spanning 4 years (1888-1892), the Ripper killed at least 18 women, all of whom we’re prostitutes except one.

In each instance the victim’s throat was cut and the body mutilated in a manner that would suggest the killer had some knowledge of human anatomy.

The cases were never solved and the killer was never found. The identify of who he/she was remains a mystery to this day.

The Siberian Hell Hole

According to reports, some scientists may have inadvertantly opened a hole that led all the way to Hell.

In 1980, some scientists in Siberia, Russia, had run their drill 14 km (8.5 miles), through the earth, when they suddenly broke through into empty space. The temperature at that level was over 1,100 ºC and the scientists’ microphones picked up strange noises that sounded like screams!

Faces On The Floor

Spain, 1971. Some mysterious faces appeared on the floor of a house in Belmez, as though an artist had etched them there. It was a disturbing occurrence that left every puzzled. But it didn’t end there; over the next few years, the ghostly faces would disappear and then appear again, just like that! That mystery has not be explained, to this day.

Malaysian Flight MH370

In March of 2015, a Malaysia Airlines flight MH370 with 239 people onboard vanished without a trace while en route from Kuala Lumpur to Beijing. It has not been found till this day. This was a grand puzzle because, on the day the plane disappeared, the weather was clear and there was no distress signal was received from the pilot.

No one can truly say what happened to the plane. A massive hunt for the plane was embarked upon. But neither the wreckage of the plane nor bodies were found.

Spectral Black Dogs

Many are convinced that the spectral black dogs of bungay are real. There’s a recorded account of them attacking people as they prayed in Church, in 1577.

According to accounts of these creatures, They are scary beasts that haunt churchyards and crossroads, with burning red eyes as big as saucers. They leave no tracks and make no sound as they walk.


I’m sure you’ve heard stories about haunted houses.

You probably don’t give such Stories second thoughts. But there are real life accounts of haunted houses, and people who’ve experienced them with proofs to show.

Poltergeists or ghosts are said to occupy houses, for certain reasons, and cause all sorts of trouble for those living there. They make noises, throw furniture about, even scratch people!


I know we’ve all seen them in movies. But there are real life accounts of werewolves. Well, maybe they’re real or maybe they’re not. But some people swear that these creatures are anything but myths. Who knows, maybe there are shape shifters amongst us.

Doppelgänger or Ghosts of the Living

This is a bizarre phenomenon that defies logic. Through the ages, there have many accounts of people’s spirit suddenly leaving their bodies while they’re still alive! It’s like a trance, and the person can actually see his spirit outside of his body.

The spirit that comes out is very identical, resembling the person in all respect. It would even seem you’re staring into a mirror. If you’ve had experience of meeting someone that looks like your double, or people have reported seeing you someone when in fact you were in a different place, that could be a doppelganger. But how does that even happen? Are there two of everyone?

Fish Rain and Other Weird Falling Objects

People have actually experienced falling objects, for real! Unlikely things falling out of the sky without possible explanations or reasons.

In 1977, hundreds of hazelnuts fell out of the sky over Bristol! In some other accounts, people have reported fishes ‘raining down’ from the clouds!

What do you think?

Could these mysteries all be untrue, or there’s a possible explanations for some of them?


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