Ten examples of how social media pics can fool everyone

1. Photos, which are careless to look at but risky to take

Sometimes, you look at the pictures and can’t get rid of a thought it fools you, don’t you? You are right, the Instagram pic can lie. And it does. For example, this pic shows a laughing and carefree person who almost fall down from this fortress loophole. However, taking such a photo and at such an angle is a risky adventure both for the person and the photographer.

2. No-sweat working out pics

Celebrities’ Instagram pics shot while they were working out could inspire you to do some exercises right now and right here, exhausting yourself with all this iron in the gym. Well, do this if you want to keep your body in good shape. But you will never get it as easy as those pics on social media want you to believe. Why? Just look at the celebrity pics. Do you see any sweat, wet disheveled hair, and tense faces? No, you don’t, because they are only pretending to work out while actually just posing.

3. The real meal is not the way it’s presented

Did you fool your followers by posting on social media wonderful pics with the meal set the way it looks extremely tasty and like a real painted picture, a masterpiece? No doubt, you did it at least at once! Honestly, we did it all! So, why do we still admire such pics if we know this is just filters and photoshop?

4. An exotic location that turns to be a photography trick?

Your friend posted a stunning photo of him visiting the magnificent location? Well, don’t believe it and don’t envy his luck. The location may be the ugliest you have ever met. However, envy your friend’s photography skills and his creativity as he can turn the ugliness into the beauty.

5. Slim on ads and ordinary in real life

Do not try to convince us you have never envied the body the Victoria’s Secret’s angels present us in all those ads and walkabout shows. We won’t believe you a single iota. Who will refuse to have a perfect body that allows you to wear everything you want? But if your body isn’t so perfect, keep in mind this perfect model’s look is created deliberately. Every model can also have certain flaws in her real life.

6. Wonderful makeup or nice filters?

You know the ability to do perfect makeup requires years of training and practice as well as tons of cosmetics wasted in vain. And then you open your Instagram and see your not-ideal-skinned and not-ideal featured friend’s pic that represents her as a beauty with a flawless skin, ideal lips, eyebrows, etc. What would be your first thought? Right you are! ‘What filters did you apply, baby?

7. Have ideal boyfriend to post ideal pics

Being on beach vacations you just can’t miss an opportunity to post a few amazing pictures that caught the moment when you are sitting on the beach in the highest spiritual balance. Or the moment when you are merging with the sea’s waters. But necessarily alone and with a picturesque background. And only you know how patient and hard-working your boyfriend was to shoot these ideal photos and how many other couples were shooting near you.

8. A freelance lifestyle is surrounded with legends

A freelancer is a lucky man. He has all the freedom of the world. He works when, where, and as long as he wants. Most of them spend their day traveling around the world or sitting on the beach while writing, designing and so on a bit. And, of course, they earn thousands of dollars (how else could they afford so much leisure). That is the picture of a freelance lifestyle every employee is convinced to be true. Well, freelancers are happy you think this way and do not want to disappoint you.

9. A new trendy dress for new pics

You urgently need a new trendy dress to take some jealousy-inducing pictures and post them on your social media? No problem! Enrich your old-fashioned or worn-out one with simple (or not so simple) print using braid, lace, and other stuff. Let your followers think you have plenty of clothing!

10. How to turn your staycation into vacation

A staycation is not the fact you can boast to your friends or followers. So, why not turn it into a vacation, though only on the photo? The recipe is as simple as a day. Take an inflatable pool, fill it with water, get inside it, and invite a skilled photographer.



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