Ten big lies every Nigeria child believed while growing up

Are you among the kids that grew up in Nigeria during the late 80s and 90s, then you must have been told some of these lies by your parents and elders, what was funny was that we used to believe these lies. Our elders make up stories to make us happy, but sometimes they make up scary stories to scare us especially if you are a stubborn kid.

Today if you remember how you were deceived as a kid, all you can do is to laugh it off but it won’t be bad to look back at old times, and remember some of the funny lies that we were told by our parents.

Here are 10 common lies, we were told as a kid.


Eating Coke and Mango can kill you

This is one of the common lies we were told as a kid, i remembered almost trying it then but the warning of my uncle stopped me. This is a lie because eating coca cola and mango cannot and will not kill you.


Drinking Garri and eating Mango can kill you

I used to believe this as a kid but i tried it out and i am still alive and strong. This is a lie because a lot of people have tried it out and they are still alive.


Ojuju or ghosts attack crying kids in the night.

This is made up to stop kids from crying but funny enough, we used to joke with this and it’s funny to think that we believe that Ojuju really exist.


“Chekeleke” will make your finger very pretty

It is funny to think that we believe that bird will give us pretty fingers.


Swallowing of Orange seeds can grow an orange tree in your stomach.

Sometimes we can’t help but laugh at these lies, to think that we believed that an orange tree can grow in our stomach, this is ridiculous.


If a Lizard does not eat your tooth when you lose it then it cannot grow back

This is funny because lizard does not even eat teeth, i remember throwing my teeth in the zinc for Lizard to eat it then, so funny.


You will see ghost if you bend over and look through your legs in the market.

The truth is that i am still scared of this and i have not summoned the courage to try it out, some people said they have tried it and nothing happened but i don’t think i can ever try it.


Looking at the Mirror before going to bed at night will bring you nightmares.

This is funny because we have done it so many times, but nothing happened but the truth is that we used to believe in it as a kid.


That when you play a two man game alone at night, a ghost will play it with you.

I believe in this as a kid that anytime i want to play a game and i remember the warnings, i will move on and look for something else to do, but up till now some people still believe in it.


That We Are The Leaders Of Tomorrow

Do you remember the song

‘parents listen to your children, we are the leaders of tomorrow’, that song really got into our heads and we believed, that once we grow up we will become the leaders of everyone, including our parents but that is not true because we have not been given the chance to lead, due to the leaders at the top but let us keep working because one day God will make us leaders.

Can you relate to any of these funny lies, please tell us the ones you can relate to in the comment section.

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    We believed a lot

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    This is very funny but true

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    No 10 is really funny

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    They are all true…number 10 tho

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    Nice info, thanks for sharing

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    So deceitful

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    Wow we believed them all

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    Nice Piece

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    I still believe 1 and 2 up till date😂

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    Really interesting

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    Very funny

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    This is so true and I still believe all of them till date

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    This number 10 is really funny

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    Lol….this is hilarious

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    Nice to hear

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