Tablet & iPad Users Experience Huge Boosts Of Wi-Fi Speed After Trying This New Tech Trick

Tablet and iPad users finally found a way to drastically improve their internet speed and enjoy it to the fullest for the cheapest price possible…
Have you ever noticed how much slower your internet gets during the peak hours of the day?
It is now clear that all that annoying endless buffering happens because of your internet service provider (ISP) which is doing that on purpose! ISPs are capping your internet speeds to give their best-paying customers better service by transferring some of your “bandwidth” to them…
If your internet plan is one of those cheaper ones, there’s a great chance that you won’t be even able to watch Youtube, Netflix, or make a skype call during those hours of “throttling”.
That doesn’t sound fair, does it?
Luckily, there’s finally a solution! It takes only one simple yet genius device to put an end to this and many other annoying internet problems!
An ex-engineer, who’s been working for years at one of the largest internet providers in Germany, came up with this idea to solve this issue. He always knew that people pay full price for the service that sometimes barely works, and that internet operators control this process…
He never felt happy about being a part of this.
His solution was to create a device that would be able to bypass ISP’s speed throttling while increasing WiFi’s range and speed around your house. He wanted it to be as simple as possible, so that anyone, even the least tech-savvy ones, would be able to use it.
After days of trying, he finally reached his desired result… and called it “Wifi UltraBoost”.
How does Wifi UltraBoost work?
There’s a really simple way to explain this. The major problem in this situation are cheap Wi-Fi router boxes that are sold by our internet service providers.
Thick walls of our houses prevent that already weak signal from spreading around in full speed. Not to mention that it’s nearly impossible to connect more than one device…
This results in frustration brought by your weak Wi-Fi signal and many “dead spots” that appear around your house…
Wifi UltraBoost helps to overcome this problem by simply plugging in into any socket!
When you think about it, Wifi UltraBoost sounds like a miracle – two cutting-edge Wi-Fi routers and a powerful amplifier in one palm-sized device.
Wifi UltraBoost spots your existing signal, improves its characteristics and then transmits already amplified Wi-Fi through all the obstacles it meets on its way – whether it’s concrete walls or multiple floors.
But that’s not all! Wifi UltraBoost solves our main problem – Internet providers slowing down the speed – by preventing data usage reports from reaching ISPs in the first place. There’s probably no need to say that it makes the speed throttling not even possible!
To sum up: Wifi UltraBoost provides you with a much faster and stronger internet connection at any time and any corner at your house without additional costs.

Wifi UltraBoost brings noticeable results immediately after you plug it in. It is now available for only $49 (instead of $99.99) which is totally worth all the benefits that come with it. Order now in Nigeria and enjoy your improved internet connection in a few days already!
The results
Wifi UltraBoost got acknowledged by expert magazines as a device with “the best reception we have ever tried,” that not only boosts slow internet connections but also improves already fast Wi-Fi by making it even better!
Below you see a test made with Wi-Fi that was only at almost 24Mbit through a wall. This is usually enough for a couple of devices to enjoy HD videos in Youtube at once. Wifi UltraBoost improved the speed into amazing 84,6Mbit that would make it possible for at least 10 devices to enjoy same videos in incredible 4k at the same time!
All these great results achieved with such a simple device! So simple that all you need to start using it is to plug it into a wall socket!
What are the main features of Wifi UltraBoost?
Works with any internet router or brand
Uses the frequency of 2.4Ghz
Transfer rate of up to 300Mbps, equipped for all applications LAN RJ45 connection
Easy to set up
Energy-efficient and low-radiation interference
No additional material needed to install
Universal applicability
What problems does Wifi UltraBoost solve?
Slow internet connection
Weak Wi-Fi signal after leaving the room
Bad quality of video calls
Wi-Fi “dead spots” around your house
Endless buffering
Thick walls that weakens the signal
Insufficient download and upload times
For a limited time, Wifi UltraBoost is available to you 50% cheaper! It takes only 3 simple steps to finally solve your frustrating internet problems:
Step 1: Get Wifi UltraBoost from the officcall website
Step 2: Plug Wifi UltraBoost into a socket and start the configuration
Step 3: Be amazed of your Wi-Fi speed!
Why Get Wifi UltraBoost Today?
Wifi UltraBoost is now available at the best possible price to raise its awareness.
However, this heavily discounted price is available only for a limited time…
Check out if it’s in stock and get yours here:



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