Sydney talker Vs Kemi

The virus COVID19 has been the recent outbreak in the world. The virus which originated from Wuhan in China has placed the whole world on lockdown. It’s stated that it came into Nigeria in February 2020 and the carrier was an Italian man. Since it existence in the country, numbers has been increasing on a daily and panic has arised in the country.

Various prominent bodies have been testing positive for the virus because of their recent travel outside the country or getting in contact with someone that came back to the country.

Few days ago a 24years old  Nigerian skit maker, Sydney talker took to his handle to broadcast how NCDC treated the supposed Corona virus symptoms he had poorly. It showed how he was neglected and the symptoms wasn’t taken serious and how they stated that it’s just a skit.

Nigerians took to their various page, discrediting the NCDC and sending their warm regard and well wishes to Sydney talker. A video was released showing how Sydney was gasping for breath, it brought more panic to the nation. Days later  Sydney came back to his handle stating that he is faring well and that got Nigerians talking because he didn’t provide any COVID19 result.

Today being 2nd of April 2020, Sydney provided his COVID19 result which states that he was negative, meaning that he doesn’t have the COVID19 . The popular blogger Dr Kemi olunloye made a statement of why she didn’t take Sydney serious. She has taken upon herself to update Nigerians on the outcome of the happenings in the country, alot of people were surprised that she didn’t pick up Sydney’s Case.

She stated that she didn’t take it serious because Sydney wanted to get a free COVID19 check up. Kemi is known to always been accurate about her findings and has never disappointed, especially after exposing some cover-ups about the recent development of COVID19 in Nigeria.



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